Translation of misbehave in Spanish:


portarse mal, v.

Pronunciation /mɪsbɪˈheɪv//ˌmɪsbəˈheɪv/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    portarse mal
    stop misbehaving! ¡portaos bien! Spain
    • We have Christmas parties and days out, and it is nice not to be embarrassed when your child misbehaves or is acting badly.
    • Remember when your Kindergarten teacher would punish the whole class because one kid misbehaved during recess?
    • Officers hope the incriminating footage will change the attitudes of parents unconvinced their children are misbehaving, helping to stem juvenile crime on the housing estate.
    • If children are misbehaving, then we should put fixed fines on their parents.
    • They need to be supported to behave well, not punished for misbehaving.
    • Police are planning to make parents sit down and watch videos of their own children misbehaving in a bid to curb vandalism, under-age drinking, violence and abusive behaviour.
    • It also apologises to those whose children are not misbehaving.
    • You know how, when you see a child or toddler misbehaving, you get really angry at the parents for not controlling her?
    • She reaches the conclusion that, because some students (the vast minority) misbehave, it is acceptable to treat all students however the city pleases.
    • Concerned community members met on Wednesday night to find a way to address the growing problem of vandalism and teenagers misbehaving in the town.
    • In this family home, the boys misbehave, don't listen to their mum and dad and get into trouble at school.
    • Twelve more youths have signed acceptable behaviour contracts - if they misbehave further, police will take further action.
    • There is no regard here for the fact that the child is actually behaving well - he is playing with an acceptable toy and not misbehaving.
    • They said girls often misbehaved more subtly and were harder to manage by established methods aimed at aggressive male behaviour.
    • In some schools it is common not to be consulted if a child is misbehaving until it gets to the point when it has become very bad.
    • To her dismay after a parent/teacher meeting, she found all three were misbehaving in school and their grades had dropped.
    • After having asked the children twice to stop misbehaving he decided to take them back to school.
    • In most cases, when the children misbehave they are abused and the real problem is never addressed with love and affection.
    • Sadly, some people indulge in drunken misbehaviour - abusing people, walking through the middle of the road without giving way to vehicles and misbehaving with women and children.
    • The outside world sees what is, apparently, a child misbehaving or throwing a tantrum.