Translation of mischance in Spanish:


infortunio, n.

Pronunciation /mɪsˈtʃɑːns//mɪsˈtʃæns/


  • 1

    infortunio masculine
    desgracia feminine
    by (some) mischance desafortunadamente
    • He added: ‘Another aggravating factor is that I cannot accept, indeed I am not certain I am even invited to, that it is by mere mischance that you picked upon an elderly person.’
    • And if by mischance we misjudge it and present a flat hand to the other's fist we make nothing of the advantage or pretend that it hasn't happened, scrap that game and start again.
    • This is not entirely mischance, for if in the sixties the focus remained in the south, determined by the shadow of the past, in the fifties it moved decisively north.
    • This dictum makes a crucial distinction between the work that time or mischance has made a fragment, and the work composed as fragment.
    • He is not liable for mischance, or misadventure.
    • His rise coincides with Tom's life falling apart - his wife leaves him, and by mischance he becomes prime suspect in a horrific crime - and their stories intersect.
    • Death by disease, death by mischance, death by accident or indifference - these were part and parcel of life, but never impacted on my day-to-day life.
    • If, by dire mischance, a mishap occurs, we can forget this entire conversation.
    • These are the folks who, either by accident of birth or mischance, are sufficiently different from the rest of us to attract attention.
    • And it's about the huge swathes of sin and ignorance and mischance that shadow even our best attempts at truth and right action.
    • To date, the inventors of the voting systems and the jurisdictions now eager to adopt them have resisted calls for paper backup - without which opportunities for either mischief or mischance abound.
    • Even trolls will only venture through there at great need, though I have never heard of any great danger or mischance occurring there.
    • But the youngest said, ‘I don't know why it is, but while you are so happy I feel very uneasy; I am sure some mischance will befall us.’
    • His offended love, and Malvolio's humiliated suffering, are reminders of the harm done by mistake, mischance, drink, thoughtlessness and unkindness.
    • By dramatic mischance, two days after agreeing he was abruptly removed from his post in unexplained circumstances.
    • ‘Rob,’ I called, attempting to tap him on the shoulder, but by mischance hitting him on the head with the paddle still clasped in my hand.
    • She lets him secretly witness her mistress transform herself into an owl; but when Lucius tries the spell on himself, by some calamitous mischance he is changed into an ass.
    • Bravery, mischance, well-trained American units, poorly trained Iraqi units, superior coalition leadership, and superior technology are all part of the calculus that made up what appeared to the world as an easy 100-hour rout.
    • By the same token, organizations resort to sorcery to explain mischance.
    • By mischance the second not was omitted and gave the impression that the inhabitants of Pakistan were delighted with their meagre rations.