Translation of misconduct in Spanish:


mala conducta, n.

Pronunciation /mɪsˈkɑnˌdəkt//mɪsˈkɒndʌkt/



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    mala conducta feminine
    • They face indefinite suspension while charges of gross misconduct are investigated.
    • In rarer instances, she claimed such equipment had been used to provide proof of gross misconduct among employees.
    • Research misconduct does not include honest error or differences of opinion.
    • Five nurses were found guilty of professional misconduct, four were censured and one was removed from the register.
    • It is the duty of the media to reveal misconduct and this attempt at doing so should be applauded.
    • He faced being dismissed from his job for gross misconduct if his employers learned of the offence.
    • Did the misconduct harm a child or place a child at risk of harm?
    • You would hardly say they were guilty of professional misconduct, would you, because they were there as a group of lawyers?
    • Within fifteen minutes, my files had been impounded - and an inquiry launched to investigate potential scientific misconduct.
    • A hearing is underway on a possible case of juror misconduct.
    • But I believe it to be a disciplinary offence - gross misconduct.
    • They also say there should be a mechanism to review doctors found guilty of professional misconduct to establish if other patients have been affected.
    • These two had also both been found guilty of serious professional misconduct, which most of the voters probably did not know.
    • But his employers sacked him, saying he was guilty of gross misconduct.
    • The issue never got as far as whether spitting constitutes gross misconduct.
    • Since these studies, reports have indicated that some reform efforts to curb police misconduct have reduced excessive force complaints.
    • Previous abuse cases have involved misconduct by relatively untrained National Guard and Reserve troops.
    • She has a duty and an obligation to report such misconduct as people stealing things.
    • In the law books obviously there are some provisions for punishing police officers for misconduct in course of their duties.
    • Dioceses are writing and implementing policies on clergy misconduct.