Translation of misdeed in Spanish:


fechoría, n.

Pronunciation /mɪsˈdiːd//mɪsˈdid/


  • 1

    fechoría feminine
    delito masculine
    • Moreover, public misdeeds could readily be matched by private ones.
    • Western reporters detail, quite properly, the misdeeds, the crimes even, of the occupying forces.
    • What exactly is the impersonal causal connection between the misdeeds in past lives and the painful events in this life?
    • But why make a virtue out of those inevitable errors and misdeeds, much less a program?
    • Luckily all of these people are the victims of vile plots and political misdeeds.
    • Trade amnesty for perpetrators in return for them putting their misdeeds on the public record.
    • She insists that his misdeeds are not about race, diversity or affirmative action.
    • Take some time to reflect on your past virtues and misdeeds.
    • The prosecution is determined to discover the corporations' misdeeds to reveal the real picture.
    • Self-love also means forgiving yourself for any misdeeds or harmful thoughts.
    • To hold him responsible for the misdeeds of his independent contractor would be to make him insure the safety of his lift.
    • Unfortunately for the bank, customers in Ireland have been affected by the misdeeds exposed in the past few weeks.
    • The apex court had upheld his conviction, but the accused was not there to face the consequences of his misdeeds.
    • These misdeeds are all too frequent in this troubled world we live in.
    • If afflicted, it can indicate those who find infamy or notoriety because their misdeeds have caught the public's eye.
    • The UN, too, refuses to take him on for his criminal misdeeds.
    • He added that the low income of the force's members could not be a justification for the officers to commit misdeeds.
    • In the past, youthful misdeeds would eventually reach the ears of mum and dad.
    • We can throw ourselves into your arms, knowing that you understand all our sins and misdeeds.
    • It implies that this happened to us because of our faults, misdeeds or sins.