Translation of misdiagnose in Spanish:


Pronunciation /mɪsˈdʌɪəɡnəʊz//mɪsˈdaɪəɡˌnoʊs//mɪsˈdaɪəɡˌnoʊz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (symptom/illness) errar en el diagnóstico de
    (person) maldiagnosticar
    • If they misdiagnose an illness it can have a catastrophic effect on our lives.
    • Unfortunately, most doctors see these patients only during their down periods, so the disease is frequently misdiagnosed as depression.
    • She was misdiagnosed with gastro-enteritis, and transferred to Castle Hill because it was felt she was infectious.
    • In the respiratory field in our hospital, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or the hyperventilation syndrome are misdiagnosed as having asthma almost daily.
    • She accuses his doctor of misdiagnosing him and treating him improperly; never mind that his presenting symptoms were not consistent with pneumonia or with sepsis.
    • Diverticulosis may be misdiagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, because some of the symptoms such as colicky pain, are similar.
    • My physiotherapist and an orthopaedic surgeon have examined the scan results and said I was misdiagnosed.
    • These overly fatigued interns are more likely to misdiagnose illnesses and prescribe the wrong medication or dosage (with sometimes-fatal consequences).
    • Without access to affordable diagnostic tests, rural patients in developing countries can often be misdiagnosed as having malaria, for instance, instead of HIV.
    • Four of the 11 patients who developed anthrax in 2001 initially were misdiagnosed with viral syndrome, bronchitis, or gastroenteritis.
    • The AP reported how doctors in training misdiagnosed diseases caused by bioterrorism more than half the time on multiple-choice tests.
    • I eventually had surgery, but the doctors had misdiagnosed me, and they permanently ruined my feet.
    • If murine typhus was misdiagnosed as remittent fever, then typhus was more wide spread than previously considered.
    • ‘We took her to the doctors on a number of occasions and at first she was misdiagnosed,’ she said.
    • Here is what the lawsuit says - he went to the emergency room complaining of chest pain, nausea and vomiting, and he was misdiagnosed as having a heart attack.
    • During the prodromal phase, herpes zoster may be misdiagnosed as cardiac disease, pleurisy, a herniated nucleus pulposus or various gastrointestinal or gynecologic disorders.
    • Finally, the risk is small that a child or woman might be misdiagnosed with thin basement membrane disease when the true diagnosis is X linked Alport's syndrome.
    • This syndrome is frequently misdiagnosed as anxiety, tension or psychotic exacerbation’.
    • It turned out that she was misdiagnosed as having Crohn's, but she was glad to have given her body an overhaul, particularly when she suffered a perforated appendix a few years later.
    • When she was born a treatable disease was misdiagnosed, and she was paralyzed.
    • Appropriate investigations and interpretation of results is necessary to avoid misdiagnosing Cushing's syndrome.
    • Ten patients would have been misdiagnosed as being infected with a pure population of susceptible H pylori.
    • The physicians kept misdiagnosing his illness until he became very sick and his blood count dropped.
    • In chronic smoldering cases, inflammatory bowel disease can be misdiagnosed, and treatment with steroids only exacerbates the infection.
    • Not only are such spurious therapies nauseating in their own right, but they misdiagnose the disease.
    • When she sought medical help, doctors misdiagnosed her illness as tuberculosis and she was directed to a hospital in Pondicherry.
    • Reye's syndrome is often misdiagnosed as encephalitis or meningitis, two complications that often appear in case studies of varicella deaths.
    • There is no doubt that thousands of children are misdiagnosed and put on Ritalin - children who may have even more serious disorders and who should be given different treatment.
    • This conference was prompted in part by a survey that indicated most physicians believe sepsis is misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late because of lack of a clear definition.
    • A child with Tourette's syndrome who is misdiagnosed and placed an a stimulant such as Ritalin or Cylert will, in the words of the parents, ‘Go wild.’
    • The most frequently misdiagnosed diseases were coronary disease and pulmonary embolism.
    • You may not have heard of it before, and despite a growing community of groups keen to get the word out, people are often misdiagnosed with terrible consequences, as you'll hear.
    • Therefore, it is possible that some patients were misdiagnosed in our study.
    • ‘My childhood memories are of being in and out of hospital and the condition was misdiagnosed as bronchitis or pneumonia,’ he said.
    • Atypical manifestations are common: vesicles may not form, and HSV infection may be misdiagnosed as another disease.
    • Gender bias in the medical system means that women are often misdiagnosed, under-screened and inappropriately treated.
    • Establishing the diagnosis is critical, although historically asthma has been misdiagnosed.
    • ‘My pride as a doctor led me to misdiagnose a patient, who then went blind as a result,’ writes one.
    • Before the cancer diagnosis, he was misdiagnosed with costochondritus, a rare and severe form of arthritis.
    • She hopes that Sarah isn't sicker than she thought or that the doctor hasn't misdiagnosed her and something more serious is wrong with her.