Translation of misguided in Spanish:


equivocado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌmɪsˈɡaɪdəd//mɪsˈɡʌɪdɪd/


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    she was misguided enough to believe in him fue tan insensata, que creyó en él
    • a misguided attempt to help un torpe intento de ayuda
    • the poor misguided fool el pobre infeliz
    • This often leads to the misguided belief that entry into the land of opportunity was simply a licence to print money.
    • Even the president described calls to amend the constitution as misguided.
    • However, the State authorities argue that the apprehensions are misplaced and misguided.
    • His misguided policies would have impeded the spread of freedom in Central America.
    • This is ostensibly aimed at breaking up gangs, but is gravely misguided.
    • What if everything that I learnt from my guides was just the delusions of a misguided egotistical fool?
    • It was, he claimed, a misguided, low-budget attempt to offer children individual attention.
    • I believe as passionately as I can that this view is blinkered and wrongheaded and inane and misguided.
    • Contrary to some misguided beliefs, kicking drugs may be the key to unleashing the true rock and roll spirit.
    • The naivety, hateful ignorance and misguided arguments of his article were appalling to say the least.
    • It is another reason why the proposal must be defeated as misguided and dangerous.
    • It's ninety percent uneducated guesswork and ten percent misguided sincerity.
    • I know it must be some accident of history, or some poor, misguided attempt to contain Soviet aggression.
    • In recent years her record company has tried a variety of updates and makeovers in a misguided attempt to broaden her appeal.
    • This is done in a misguided belief that women on welfare just need to work their way out of poverty.
    • Some people will no doubt get into blogging in the misguided belief they'll be able to change the world with it.
    • Apartheid was a misguided and terrible attempt to stop the natural flow of human growth.
    • Whether the policy yardstick is efficiency or equity, this is a misguided approach.
    • It is a disease that has been aided by misguided attempts to cure it.
    • However, it is at the same time both impractical and misguided.