Translation of mislay in Spanish:


perder, v.

Pronunciation /mɪsˈleɪ//mɪsˈleɪ/

transitive verbmislaid

  • 1

    (momentáneamente) perder
    I seem to have mislaid my watch no sé dónde habré puesto el reloj
    • Because I've managed to mislay the instruction book.
    • So although Agent Joules is simultaneously ridding the world of terrorists and writing for style magazines, she is also falling in love with the wrong men and mislaying her MI6-issue earrings.
    • Like Hemingway, who also once mislaid a novel, Kay felt bereft and quickly drove back to where he'd left it but it was gone.
    • It is by no means uncommon for people to mislay their original policy document.
    • It's not the first time I have lost and/or mislaid things.
    • If your son or daughter has mislaid an item of clothing, sportswear, school uniform, footwear, etc., please ask at Graun Park during opening hours.
    • And how often do we mislay the keys we use every day?
    • A gentleman complained that one morning his bank did not open on time, because the door key was mislaid by an irresponsible bank clerk.
    • Somehow, the shop managed to mislay the actual CD and all they can find is the sleeve, though they've assured me the disk is lying around somewhere and I hope to pop in over lunch and take it home with me.
    • Anyway it transpired that she had mislaid her purse.
    • Over 2,000 new green boxes have been distributed in the last four weeks to people who had lost or mislaid them.
    • A quick query brought profuse apologies - her order had been mislaid.
    • His luggage was mislaid so he had to buy all new clothes.
    • A purse that has gone missing in the centre of Sheffield for instance, is more likely to go down as a theft, while in a sleepy hamlet in Norfolk, the officer is likely to assume the property has been mislaid.
    • However, the school has now been told the papers were mislaid on their way to the exam board, prompting an outspoken attack from pupils.
    • There was also a half hour of exasperation when I temporarily mislaid my handheld somewhere in the hospital.
    • If you have mislaid the ticket sent to you, don't hesitate to ask any club officer for a replacement.
    • If, by chance, you are interested in joining one of these groups but have mislaid your form, you can collect one in the Church Porch.
    • She came up with the idea after frequently mislaying her spectacles and said: ‘This simple idea would save hours of frustration.’
    • Apart from people wanting to renew licences that have expired, there have also been a lot of applications for duplicate licences where people have mislaid them.