Translation of misleading in Spanish:


engañoso, adj.

Pronunciation /mɪsˈliːdɪŋ//ˌmɪsˈlidɪŋ/


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    (advertisement/statement/appearance) engañoso
    that could be misleading eso podría inducir a error / podría ser malinterpretado
    • They are, however, wrong in assuming that our paper gives a misleading message.
    • Signs of character during this period can thus be very misleading.
    • There are a number of misleading and just plain wrong stereotypes floating around about jazz.
    • However, this impression of inevitability, I think, is quite misleading.
    • I am satisfied that that was a highly misleading statement.
    • To ask whether there are any human, or natural rights is to pose a potentially misleading question.
    • Watch any car ad on TV and you'll see propaganda that's deliberately misleading.
    • Unfortunately, that translation, while perhaps the best available, is somewhat misleading.
    • The law lets any citizen sue over allegedly false or misleading statements by a business.
    • It is an offence to make a false or misleading statement about a property.
    • Day after day he sees vindictive, false and misleading media stories.
    • Her gut told her everything was wrong, even the kind introductions just a misleading start.
    • Plus, it makes one very misleading statement at the start.
    • They were excellent, though the description gives a misleading impression of oriental flavours.
    • You'd get a falling average price, but it would be very misleading.
    • So it was covered up by a deliberately misleading statement.
    • Well, it may arise independently but we are now talking about what you said was false and misleading statement.
    • They also provide grossly misleading information on animal research.
    • I have to say that I think the name of this film is somewhat misleading.
    • I give this commitment: I will never use misleading headlines in this way.