Translation of mismanage in Spanish:


llevar mal, v.

Pronunciation /ˌmɪsˈmænɪdʒ//mɪsˈmanɪdʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (affair/negotiations) llevar mal
    (negotiations/affair) dirigir mal
    (country/company) administrar mal
    • This has been incompetently handled, mismanaged every step of the way.
    • This was also partly meant to convince the colonialists that the Africans were ready to manage or mismanage their own affairs.
    • But also it does not want to shore up companies which have been mismanaging their pensions or not contributing adequately.
    • For years, the country was led by one political party, which was often accused of mismanaging the economy and abusing the rights of citizens.
    • If anyone working in the private sector mismanaged a budget as badly as the council has, they would be sacked.
    • They are so mismanaging their economy and are so alienating young people and women that their fate today looks a lot like the Kremlin leaders in 1988 or the French monarchy in 1788.
    • Consequently, the FDA has been criticized for mismanaging the situation.
    • The channels accused him with all their might of a variety of crimes, from destroying the armed forces to personally mismanaging the rescue operations.
    • It's a cautionary tale about mismanaging intellectual property.
    • And I think that is the price you pay for mismanaging diversity.
    • But just who is this man who's been accused of mismanaging his country's oil revenue?
    • Protesters blame him for mismanaging the economy, bungling the fight against SARS, and listening too carefully to Beijing and not enough to local opinion.
    • Silent observers continue to watch, unsure whether it is us mismanaging our affairs or just the stronger and more corruptible ones keeping their grip tight.
    • I don't particularly agree the council should acquire private properties as they are grossly mismanaged when in council hands.
    • I have used grounded research to explore how middle managers might facilitate or inhibit change by managing or mismanaging the emotions of their employees.
    • At a birthday celebration, he blasted those who accuse him of mismanaging the country, laying the blame for his country's economic and political crisis at the door of the opposition.
    • Now he and his firm are being sued for mismanaging worker retirement funds.
    • Unless they were mismanaged, rich school districts could have better equipped schools.
    • And he should fire the civilians in the Pentagon responsible for mismanaging the reconstruction effort.
    • After the Ministry of National Security, it is difficult to determine which of the other ministries is mismanaged the most.