Translation of missile in Spanish:


misil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪsʌɪl//ˈmɪsəl/


  • 1

    misil masculine
    vector masculine
    • Avenger carries eight Stinger missiles in two launch pods.
    • U.S. navy officials said about 320 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired by U.S. warships deployed in the region.
    • While fighting in Afghanistan the helicopter he and his squad were in was shot down by a Stinger missile.
    • Baghdad was developing missiles capable of delivering weapons payloads, including biological agents, to other nations.
    • The U.S. is also considering arming these missiles with nuclear warheads.
    • The missile flew for several minutes but an internal defect led to a self-destruct.
    • Tor M1 missiles are short-range, surface-to-air missiles already used by several other armed forces, including China.
    • Suddenly a jet came within her sight, and it fired a series of missiles in her direction.
    • Basing US bombers and missiles on British soil certainly made Britain a target in the event of a nuclear war.
    • Now, according to the coalition, it was apparently hit by a missile.
    • They stay above 5,000 feet, to avoid the threat of shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles and small arms fire.
    • The missile carries a 1,000 lb warhead with a blast radius of several hundred metres.
    • They also managed to acquire an old nuclear missile and the means to launch it.
    • That could entail the deployment of ships carrying the interceptor missiles in the Sea of Japan.
    • Both of the approaching jets fired missiles at us, the warheads seeking in on us from different directions.
    • We don't have Scud missiles because all the Scud missiles were destroyed.
    • We have seen on all our TVs missiles hitting other missiles and destroying them.
    • Here at last was a set of fires as massive and extensive as any that might be generated by nuclear missiles.
    • Eventually a U.S. built patriot missile destroyed at least one Iraqi rocket.
    • He can sell missiles and even nuclear material to other dubious states.
  • 2

    (sth thrown)
    proyectil masculine
    • The police were made aware of the complaints at half-time, and one Hull fan was arrested for throwing a missile.
    • Windscreens have been smashed and paintwork scratched, and missiles have been thrown at parked cars.
    • Two Catholic women were injured when they were struck on the head by missiles thrown by the protestors.
    • People were starting to move off when missiles were thrown over the wall.
    • In Princes Street Gardens, police drew their batons and forced back people who were throwing missiles.
    • Gangs of angry young people hurled all kinds of missiles at the police.
    • They say it is only a matter of time before a firefighter is seriously hurt by a missile thrown at crews or a fire engine.
    • Leeds players also complained about being hit by missiles thrown from the crowd.
    • The news on page five that mobs were actually throwing missiles at Portuguese soccer fans is horrifying.
    • Youths have been using pebbles from the surface as missiles to throw at residents' windows.
    • Ships were roped together in lines to face an enemy fleet and showers of arrows and missiles would have been exchanged.
    • The rest involved equipment vandalism and missiles thrown at trains.
    • Bottles and other missiles were thrown in spite of a huge police presence.
    • He had pleaded guilty to throwing missiles at police during a disturbance following a football match last June.
    • As Tuesday's game went on, sections of the crowd vented their frustration by throwing missiles on to the pitch.
    • The riot squad and two water cannons were deployed after missiles were thrown.
    • Merseyside Police said bottles, cans and other missiles were thrown into the crowd and at police.
    • The man's companions threw flasks and other missiles to ward it off.
    • The group then ran off towards Sholing where they began a wrecking spree by throwing more missiles at homes and vehicles.
    • They will face charges of obscene language, throwing missiles and resisting arrest.