Translation of mission statement in Spanish:

mission statement

declaración de propósitos, n.


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    declaración de propósitos feminine
    declaración de objetivos feminine
    • To develop a staff mission statement, break your staff into three groups.
    • Whether a firm has a formal mission statement is less important than that it has a broadly understood policy in each of these areas.
    • A number of courses are taught in which the mission statement of an organization is reviewed or analyzed.
    • D.A.R.E. Canada lists explicitly in its mission statement the goal of preventing drug use amongst school kids.
    • There you'll find a mission statement, some background about the owners and several pages of product pictures.
    • These words read like a mission statement for Glasgow's musicians.
    • Prepare a mission statement for your life and proceed knowing that you will discover peace in the area of your finances when you do what you love.
    • A mission statement gives individuals and groups a sense of where they need to focus their energies.
    • He writes a mission statement espousing the importance of ethics in business and hands it out to the entire company.
    • We're still working on developing a mission statement for the organization.
    • It would be more than just a school, according to the mission statement they wrote.
    • We support the suggestion to enshrine a commitment to access in our mission statement.
    • Use its mission statement and the president's letter to look for buzzwords to add to your proposal.
    • Eventually, I found some information on the founders of the company, and their mission statement.
    • A mission statement is critical to an organization or program and justifies its existence.
    • Our mission statement is that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use in entertainment.
    • Accordingly, the mission statement of the movement lists an overall agenda and a number of demands.
    • The progressive movement could be so strong if only there was a unifying mission statement.
    • Somewhere in our mission statement, we promised to act as is necessary for public and personal safety and no more.
    • Work is continuing on the mission statement of the Community Council.