Translation of mist in Spanish:


neblina, n.

Pronunciation /mɪst//mɪst/


  • 1

    neblina feminine
    sea mist bruma feminine
    • a mist of tears obscured her vision tenía los ojos empañados por las lágrimas
    • the origin of this custom is lost in the mists of time el origen de esta costumbre se pierde en la noche de los tiempos
    • A light morning mist covered the ground, twirling and twisting hypnotically.
    • Grey mist shrouds the hills and the tops of the pines.
    • The sun was almost up, and steamy mist rose from the ground.
    • There was a haze on the air, not quite a summer haze nor yet an autumn mist.
    • A thin cold mist rose from the canal.
    • A cloud of mist rose and spread across the valley, shielding us from sight.
    • There was a mist in the air mixed with a bit of a drizzle.
    • At dusk, as darkness is falling, small red or yellow lights are twinkling in the dark-blue autumn mist.
    • The road carries us over Week's Hill, then Walnut Hill, and across a flat valley, with mist hovering above the fields.
    • The next morning was warm, with a golden mist in the air.
    • Early in the morning the mountains are usually sheathed in clouds of mist.
    • A fine white mist was swirling around the jetty.
    • The early morning mist shrouded the motorway as he turned north away from Wellington.
    • The trail began early that morning before sunrise; with daylight the warm air heated steamy mist above damp soil.
    • The Tuscany hills were shrouded in mist on the morning of departure.
    • The thick mist shrouded them in a gray haze, making it nearly impossible to see.
    • As she was being retrieved, she saw her lover's body disappear into the thick morning mist.
    • There was mist, cloud cover, and heavy rain, all of which impeded movement.
    • The mountains shrouded in a dawn mist gave a mysterious calm to the bay of Obama.
    • She trudged on through the thick, swirling mist.
  • 2

    vaho masculine
    • She gave her wings an occasional flutter to keep the mist from settling on them.
    • A tiny cloud of mist formed on the window where her hot breath landed.
    • The range office staff were busy rubbing away at the heavy mist that had settled on the jeep's windscreen.
  • 3

    vaporización feminine