Translation of mistreat in Spanish:


maltratar, v.

Pronunciation /mɪsˈtriːt//mɪsˈtrit/

transitive verb

  • 1

    tratar mal
    • After being sold to a family that mistreats him, Oliver decides to strike out on his own and travels to London where he is befriended by a likeable pickpocket named the Artful Dodger.
    • We cannot hunt, abuse and mistreat people in a quest for justice.
    • If not, the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals.
    • If someday you find yourself with a man who doesn't respect you and mistreats you, don't allow him to ruin your life and the future of your children's lives.
    • Perpetrators can be parents who abuse and mistreat their children at home before they come to camp.
    • The move by the farmers may sour relations with the government, which has in the past accused white farmers of mistreating their black workers.
    • In the Quran it very carefully and meticulously says you do not mistreat visitors in your own home or visitors in your own country if they are foreigners.
    • These people know nothing about traveling through the Northland, and they badly mistreat Buck.
    • They would mistreat me and abuse me, and would never have trusted me wandering the ship alone.
    • It has the right to beat and mistreat anyone locked up.
    • He had no reason to love his stepfather, who he says mistreated him and his mother as far back as he can remember.
    • There were numerous stories and testimony about how the confined people were mistreated in the past.
    • The police mistreat people, and we don't condemn them too seriously for that, if it's in the distress of a riot situation.
    • In fact, in some of these countries, it's routine to mistreat prisoners and do a lot worse to them than we did to our prisoners.
    • Certainly we shouldn't mistreat prisoners, or unnecessarily bomb innocent civilians.
    • ‘What is particularly troubling is his portrayal of Kazakhstan as a country that mistreats women and is stuck in the Stone Age,’ he said.
    • When America, you know, mistreats prisoners, we hold ourselves accountable.
    • A report published today by the pressure group Animal Aid claims that York livestock market mistreats its cattle.
    • What happens when an industry mistreats its customers and its suppliers?
    • Historians generally agree that the Trek made it impossible for any government to ignore real job creation measures or mistreat workers in subsequent economic downturns.