Translation of misunderstanding in Spanish:


malentendido, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmɪsʌndəˈstandɪŋ//ˌmɪsˌəndərˈstændɪŋ/


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    malentendido masculine
    I repeat, lest there be any misunderstanding lo repito, para que no haya ningún malentendido
    • they had a misunderstanding tuvieron una diferencia
    • misunderstanding about sth malentendido sobre algo
    • But I can understand how this misunderstanding happened
    • This allows me to meet each student outside of lecture, correct misunderstandings, and catch errors in the forms.
    • I want to correct a misunderstanding or mistake that may have been made in answer to question No.1.
    • Summarise information to show patients they have been heard, and give them an opportunity to correct any misunderstandings.
    • Were I to learn faster, I would now know better than to correct people's grammatical misunderstandings.
    • They do not know what went wrong, how to correct misunderstandings or what steps need to be taken to make things right again.
    • To correct his misunderstanding and misperceptions I have addressed the following open letter to him which touches upon some key concepts and basic points.
    • His accomplished studies of human failure and misunderstanding are more than mere reels of celluloid.
    • They are open to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, misgivings and mistakes.
    • In part this was due to misunderstandings and to failures of communication.
    • It is only right that a few myths and misunderstandings are corrected.
    • The premier himself and the interpreter soon realized the misunderstanding and corrected the translation, to the amusement of everyone involved.
    • This is best done in a tentative fashion, allowing the person to correct any misunderstandings.
    • ‘We understand that the misunderstanding arose from the use of different types of terminology, and apologise for any confusion caused,’ she said.
    • I couldn't even begin to understand what his misunderstanding was.
    • The idea that mutual assured destruction is a policy choice shows a complete misunderstanding of the basic facts of existence.
    • It is even difficult to tell whether these exchanges are promoting mutual understanding or increasing the misunderstandings.
    • She said the lack of understanding or the misunderstanding of reporting procedures has, in some cases, led to unnecessarily prolonged investigations.
    • Later he simply couldn't be bothered to correct the misunderstanding.
    • This has resonated with audiences who find it cathartic - British sitcoms traditionally deal in failure, disappointment and misunderstanding.