Translation of mitt in Spanish:


mitón, n.

Pronunciation /mɪt//mɪt/


  • 1

    mitón masculine
    • For problem areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet, put on extra lotion or cream (wear mitts and footies to bed, as needed).
    • Use an oven mitt or kitchen towel when handling or cleaning the hot grill.
    • Get this - old sweaters are unravelled on a regular basis with the wool used for ‘new’ scarves, mitts and toques.
    • And chintz tea towels and oven mitts that are anything but chintzy.
    • ‘You're awfully quiet,’ he mentioned, taking off some oven mitts and turning to face me.
    • For example, Irniq saw an older woman sewing reindeer skin mittens in the same way Inuit women make caribou mitts.
    • To prevent thumb-sucking, one recommended pinning the sleeves shut or wrapping the baby in a shawl to sleep, while another advised sewing mitts onto pajama sleeves.
    • I wore an oven mitt to protect my hand from the cold.
    • ‘Yeah, and you lit your oven mitts on fire, too,’ I added, stifling my laughter.
    • He turned to them, slipping off his oven mitts and smiling.
    • The victim managed to retrieve her jacket and ran out the door leaving her sweater, mitts, hat and scarf inside.
    • Buy an oven mitt and then fill it with cooking utensils from a dollar store - wooden spoons, spatula, rubber scrapers, etc.
    • Dressed in an apron with oven mitts to match, she noticed him and smiled.
    • I cut the oven off and put on an oven mitt and took the tray of hot cookies out of the oven and put them onto the cooling rack with the others.
    • All in all, we're disappointed that we couldn't put on our oven mitts, because we were definitely in a brownie-baking mood.
    • I had to move fast so as not to get caught, but I managed to snag an oven mitt.
    • These were served on hot plates, with the service staff wearing oven mitts.
    • Our new range for 2006 is a fully co-ordinated set of clothing, from mitts and bootees to Babygros and outdoor suits.
    • A few seconds later, Sam arrived at the door, face red and hot and clad in an apron and oven mitts.
    • It was still sizzling and even through the oven mitt, the pan was on fire.
  • 2

    (in baseball)
    manopla feminine
    guante (de béisbol) masculine
    • I wanted a baseball mitt so bad a sweet hurt blossomed in my stomach whenever I thought about it…
    • It didn't do any good reminding them that when I was their age I only received one modest gift, a baseball mitt or electronic game.
    • You just don't see 10-year-old kids throwing around a rugby ball or kicking a soccer ball in the States; they've either got a baseball mitt on their hand or are throwing around a basketball or football.
    • The shadowbox incorporated a baseball mitt and trophies.
    • For the love of a glove: a baseball mitt just isn't a necessary piece of equipment, it's a part of life for many players
  • 3informal

    manaza feminine informal
    manota feminine informal
    keep your (dirty) mitts off the food quita esas cochinas manos / esas manazas de la comida informal
    • The dime-size mesh vent on the back of the hand keeps your mitts from overheating, but it can also let in moisture.
    • This big grumbly rumbly bear of a man with shoulders wider than most airline seats and mitts so big that my kitty Abby could probably sit comfortably in his palm likes my silly pet name for him.
    • So, if and when you finally hold a publisher's contract in your trembling little mitt, take a good look at what it says.
    • They're trying to get their grubby mitts on our big cars and mansions in Pondok Indah and Bintaro.
    • And possibly most importantly, I can have that last piece of Chocolate cake before he gets his grubby little mitts on it.
    • Tickets for the 200-capacity date next month may have been snapped up within hours of going on sale but we have managed to get our mitts on a pair of the coveted items.