Translation of mixed in Spanish:


mezclado, adj.

Pronunciation /mɪkst//mɪkst/


  • 1

    [ S ]mixed fibers composición: diversas fibras
    • mixed fruit frutas surtidas
    • person of mixed race (of black and white descent) mulata
    • she invited quite a mixed crowd invitó a gente de todo tipo / a un grupo muy variopinto
    • Most people maintain health and adequate protein intake from a mixed, varied diet.
    • Rather, it is a coffee table book of mixed quality.
    • Feeding trials conducted on captive premigratory birds fed fruit and insects ad libitum have shown that gain in body mass is highest on a mixed diet of fruit and insects.
    • Of mixed quality and sometimes dubious authenticity, it is still useful for getting definitions of new and unusual terms.
    • The company plans to convert the hotel into a mixed commercial and residential scheme.
    • Even though recruiting goals for the active force were met in 2000, there have been some mixed signals regarding the quality of the recruits.
    • In the mixed commercial and residential areas the heavy masonry arches mark the openings in the building that also double up for shop-windows.
    • And you need a mixed diet of stories to be emotionally literate.
    • Over the past number of years the parade has been of mixed quality with varying degrees of participation from all sectors.
    • Controlled trials of physical-activity counseling in adult primary care patients were of variable quality and had mixed results.
    • The relevant studies were of fair to good quality but showed mixed results.
    • The site is being touted for mixed residential and commercial use.
    • The brief suggested the site should be of mixed use with residential, office, light industrial, small-scale retail, leisure, arts and tourism.
    • There is anecdotal evidence that local advice is of mixed quality.
    • There was generally a good but mixed standard within the residential areas, with some estates practically litter free.
    • The local community council in what is a mixed residential district however is not as enamoured.
    • They wanted a mix of different sites and that one was outside a station so it would give a different picture than something in a mixed residential area for example.
    • Although one study found a significant difference between a mixed Western diet and a vegetarian diet, overall there appear to be relatively few trends.
    • The proposed site consists of a trading estate, made up of a mixed quality of industrial buildings, many of which are empty.
    • Mr Mumford said the council was seeking to achieve high quality, new and refurbished office space as part of mixed retail/residential led projects.
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    (male and female)
    (bathing/sauna) mixto
    in mixed company cuando hay gente de ambos sexos presente
    • My friends know better than to ask me to fill in for mixed sports teams when they are short a girl, although I still sometimes get called up as a last resort.
    • It is suited to boys and girls, with mixed teams taking part.
    • Girls and boys play in mixed teams until the age of twelve.
    • In the University Parks, they were playing games I didn't know existed when I was young: lacrosse with mixed teams, indeed!
    • The competition was for mixed teams and meant that each side had to have at least two girls in their starting line-up.
    • Well who's got the most to gain or to lose from playing this mixed competition?
    • Well we're competing against the women's division too and won, and also we're competing against mixed teams.
    • Under this policy, instruction in mixed mode is strongly discouraged.
    • The format is open two bowl triples - i.e. men's, women's or mixed teams.
    • How do you normally compete, are they men against men, women against women, or are there now mixed competitions?
    • On opening day, 14 teams were organized - three women teams, four men teams and seven mixed teams.
    • Each school could enter a maximum of two mixed teams and the school only wanted an attendance, regardless of the results.
    • There is also a new mixed team event this season running concurrently with the Yorkshire Cup.
    • Our mixed team of male and female paddlers had spent countless hours slogging up and down Hahn's Inlet in the cold and rain in preparation for this event.
    • The sport combines basketball and football, and is played with a volleyball in mixed sex teams of four.
    • I believe it is the only sport designed for mixed teams.
    • Competition is for women's, men's and mixed teams, while there is also a need for managers, coaches, graded umpires and support staff.
    • Anyways, the juniors and seniors at our high school have mixed grade, co-ed gym classes.
    • He plays in the men's first team and mixed team.
    • She also achieved a silver medal in the mixed team randori.
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    (fortunes) desigual
    (reception/response) tibio
    (reception/response) poco entusiasta
    mixed reviews críticas muy diversas feminine
    • He has already helped us to fall in love, improve our lives by reading Proust, console ourselves with philosophy and get over our mixed feelings about going on holiday.
    • Jamaicans have greeted this news with mixed feelings.
    • But I can tell you that there's a lot of mixed feelings.
    • The news had been met with mixed feelings at the station, where staff would be cut from 52 to 28, not including the station commander.
    • However, the predictive validity of suicide assessments has received mixed reviews.
    • That moment outside the theatre stirred my already mixed feelings about reviewing Canadian movies.
    • They flew home on New Year's Eve, with mixed feelings.
    • In the darkness, she's forced to face her own mixed feelings about death
    • And so overall one comes away with mixed feelings about this production.
    • And despite the mixed reaction and reviews, his restructuring efforts drew keen attention both at home and abroad.
    • We all instinctively feel that to lose our memory is to lose ourselves, a prospect that stirs audiences with mixed feelings.
    • And how are soldiers dealing with the mixed feelings that they have about being there right now?
    • Stories such as this leave me with mixed feelings.
    • United fans received the statement with mixed feelings.
    • The New Year is often greeted with mixed feelings.
    • I was having a lot of mixed feelings about going back.
    • This got a mixed reaction, more negative than positive from the crowd.
    • He looks back on the experience with mixed feelings.
    • The pair returned from a 1000 km awareness-raising bike ride between Beijing and Shanghai with decidedly mixed feelings.
    • There were mixed reports on the quality of trout fishing over the weekend, some anglers having 4 to 6 trout for a day while others found it hard to get even one fish.