Translation of mixed metaphor in Spanish:

mixed metaphor

metáfora mixta, n.


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    metáfora mixta feminine
    • It's a pleasure to read a writer with such striking command of his art who never loses you in mixed metaphors or laborious analogies.
    • This week another footballing figure showed that mixed metaphors don't have to abide by the usual principles of the human anatomy.
    • His work routinely exhibits a Joycean verbal playfulness and exuberance, and is littered with inventive neologisms and mixed metaphors.
    • The business is run by C J, a powerful figure full of impressive-sounding aphorisms that, on analysis, prove meaningless, comprising a heap of mixed metaphors and clichés piled one on top of another.
    • The abundance of mixed metaphors is regrettable.
    • Yes, there are quite a few mixed metaphors in this post, aren't there?
    • Multiple mixed metaphors proliferate until there is no ground whatsoever under the reader, syntactical functions become precarious, sound and vision seem to rule over anything else the poem might bear.
    • His conversation is peppered with the mixed metaphors of business-speak, a nod to the background that has been key to winning over the selection panel.
    • Rather than parading a host of dummies laid out by the swift punches of scare quotes, each carefully collected word bleeds into the body of its own mixed metaphor.
    • After a couple of weeks out of the game I came out of the blocks like a prize fighter wielding a mixed metaphor simile cliche and battered everyone in my path.
    • But grammar and syntax and a horror of cliches and mixed metaphors (‘try drawing this,’ he would tell me) were the least things he taught me.
    • His mixed metaphors are well written and well delivered.
    • Stories suffer from passive verbs, run-on sentences, mixed metaphors and clichés.
    • Then chaos and catastrophe theories jump on board and my analogy come crashing down in a shower of mixed metaphors.
    • Even so, that has got to be one of the worst mixed metaphors ever.
    • The mixed metaphor is unfortunate, but his story line sounds promising and adds suspense.
    • The author's account of his road trip has an endearingly amateurish quality - not least because of his penchant for mixed metaphors and overwrought prose.
    • A collision of mixed metaphors, perhaps, but the health underspend is a good illustration of all four conditions.
    • Okay, some pretty strange mixed metaphors there, but you get the idea?
    • There's some mixed metaphors in the lyrics (baseball isn't played in quarters, after all) and it's probably a prime example of bad 80s music, but hey, I love this song.