Translation of mob in Spanish:


turba, n.

Pronunciation /mɑb//mɒb/


  • 1

    (crowd) turba feminine
    (crowd) muchedumbre feminine
    (populace) populacho masculine
    • He is proof that violence is needed to contain violence and that one just man will prevail over the corrupt mob and timorous crowd.
    • Before anybody gets too sentimental about the blessings of music, however, Brown points out that music can also transform crowds into a dangerous mob.
    • There is no mob of the proletariat here to rip you apart.
    • White mob violence against blacks was a deliberate tool used to maintain white supremacy, not to punish crime.
    • Our founding fathers made this a republic and not a democracy because they feared the mob.
    • They stood like a unmoving mob, crowded together, trying to get a better view of him.
    • The Police have even been forced to use a megaphone to ask the mobs to disperse.
    • Here, as elsewhere, the language of the mob and of public opinion have converged: there is no restraint; there are no euphemisms.
    • Unfortunately, the mob was more organized that they expected as freshly reloaded guns began to fire at them.
    • ‘We used rubber bullets to disperse the mob during a series of violent demonstrations,’ he said.
    • They did it because they had a justified fear of the mob.
    • The very fabric of the city was shaped by the elite's fear of the mob.
    • Just then a mob of Bolsheviks crowded into the room.
    • The three of us tried to act as peacemakers in an unseemly mob and for our troubles we got blackballed from every pub and club in the city centre.
    • Authorities clamped down on new curfews and brought in the army to quell the violence, but angry mobs have been turning on those trying to keep the peace.
    • Irrational fear of the mob was the reason the Red Cross didn't enter the city.
    • I feared trouble because the mob was growing restless and violent.
    • Instantly the crowd became a mob, screaming, cowering.
    • Mary Beth shouted as a mob of girls crowded around Luke.
    • Fear of the mob has always been uppermost in the gentry's minds.
    • Crowds and mobs are not completely irrational, but they have their own logic.
    • Yet the historian does not feel provoked enough to indict him for failing to understand what forces the destructive potential of mobs and crowds.
    • And tension remains high as many government offices and political party offices are either closed or have been seized by mobs since the violence erupted Monday.
    • Second, it shows not a small mob but a huge crowd.
    • Quickly, a crowd gathered and that crowd escalated into a mob even faster.
    • This capability will provide a means to capture specified individuals, such as those inciting a mob to violence or enemy combatants we seek to take prisoner.
    • Instead, a voice-over quoting from telegraph reports briefly mentions some of the mob's racist violence.
  • 2slang

    banda feminine
    the Mob la mafia
    • The less the Mob conforms to contemporary social values, the greater its chance of survival.
    • Ruby was a strip club owner, and was said to have connections with the Mob.
    • Now, we look ahead to the fifth and final season - hopefully later this year - of the show that has brought us all a little closer look at life in the modern Mob.
    • By then he'd raked in uncounted millions of dollars, much of which he shared with partners in the Mob.
    • Barry thinks selflessness is the Mob's most important quality.
    • The Mob could always use an experienced trigger man!
    • If the Mob had tried to build Las Vegas in 1929, in the middle of the Great Depression, the idea never would have gotten off the ground.
    • Always the notorious red-light district of sports, boxing today is as troubled as it was even in the days when the Mob called the shots.
    • And though Barry has been one of the Mob's more dependable components, he is as capable of playing as wildly, as out of control, as the rest of them.
    • The moments when the Mob catches up with him - where his vices hit him hardest - are the highlights of this film.
    • Even though gangs like this have operated for many years, people do not want to believe that their friends are all a part of the Mob.
    • I don't think you'll find anyone here with connections to the Mob.
    • If I hadn't decided it wasn't for me, I might well have ended up in the Mob myself.
    • The Mob was making it obvious that I could be next.
    • The agency also has been accused of funding con artists and companies linked to the Mob.
    • The ‘Feds’ even break the law to make Mark speak, and the Mob do all they can to keep him quiet.
    • Nobody will date you if they find out you're part of the Mob.
  • 3Britishslang

    (unit, group)
    (+ singular or plural verb) sección feminine
    (+ singular or plural verb) grupo masculine
    • She may have been the closest we have to an honest politician at the moment but that's by comparison with the rest of the mob and I'm not entirely convinced by her protestations.
    • He is a fine batsman but it is his gift for words that distinguishes him from the rest of the mob who play cricket and then write about it.

transitive verb

  • 1

    atacar en grupo
  • 2

    (swarm up to)