Translation of mobility allowance in Spanish:

mobility allowance



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    beneficio que reciben ciertos minusválidos para sus gastos de desplazamiento
    • People who are entitled to primary medical certificates, motorised transport grants, mobility allowances and in some cases medical cards.
    • He has never asked for anything like disability or mobility allowance, just a parking pass.
    • It has two parts: mobility allowance for those who cannot walk or have difficulty in walking, and a care allowance for those needing help with personal care.
    • We deal with attendance allowance, disability living allowance, mobility allowance and war pensions.
    • The court heard how the 58-year-old was claiming disability living and mobility allowances and had said he was virtually unable to walk.
    • More disabled jobseekers will get what's called a mobility allowance worth $100 a fortnight to help offset the costs of travelling to and from work.
    • I shall leave the parties to agree the appropriate deductions for receipt of income support, housing benefit and mobility allowances.