Translation of model in Spanish:


maqueta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑdl//ˈmɒd(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1(reproduction)

      maqueta feminine
      modelo masculine
      to make a model of sth hacer una maqueta de algo
      • Scale models of various aircraft have been tastefully mounted in the central section of each decade-wise display.
      • On display will be vintage cars, commercials, vintage tractors, stationary engines, scale models and motorbikes, along with the only steam motor cycle in the world.
      • I squint at the scale model of the exhibition which is sitting on the table in between us.
      • For over half a century, kits have been sold that enable military history buffs to assemble scale models of military ships, aircraft and vehicles.
      • It will be a scale model of a Romany caravan about the size of a Wendy house for children to play in.
      • They take images like the one you see there and create three-dimensional models with not only the brain, but also the blood vessels.
      • A model, to scale, of the Ballina Church with the proposed changes is currently on view in front of the altar in the Church.
      • A three-dimensional, scale model of the Abbey grounds will be on display in the local banks over the next few weeks.
      • The exhibition would also include the display of various fishing nets, hooks and scale size models of fishing gear now not in use.
      • The display of matchstick models (including Chartres cathedral in 65,000 matches) instils wide-eyed humility.
      • Taking pride of place in the gallery were scale models of a Euro-fighter Typhoon, a Hunter aeroplane and a 68 mm rocket.
      • Crews aboard two Canadian Navy ships spent three days looking for the one-eighth scale models, but were unsuccessful.
      • Each room contains a larger scale model, together with scale models of the major facilities (such as the performance venue).
      • As a self confessed car nut I was in my element examining pictures of Formula 1 cars and drivers, rally cars, scale models, trucks and bikes.
      • You can buy scale models of old tankers in the convention hall, too.
      • The growth and development of Munster is illustrated in a series of scale models found in the Stadt Museum, built round a tempting ice cream parlour and above shops.
      • They will be encouraged to take part in a design game, which uses large maps and scale models to represent town features.
      • Underneath me, a small boy keeps jumping up and slapping a scale model of China that's been fastened to the wall.
      • He pointed out the scale model of the new monastery and it will surely be a beautiful building when it is completed.
      • The scale model of the proposed Sports Village is on display at Leigh Library.

    • 1.2(formula, theory)

      modelo masculine
      • Mathematical models are used to try to make sense of the data or predict their future values.
      • So they formulated and tested mathematical models.
      • The pair had to adjust their probabilistic model to make the calculations more tractable.
      • Around the same time he began working on a mathematical model of forest management.
      • Our mathematical model for the description of ionic motion in the spine is the Langevin equation.
      • His greatest fame, however, is as a result of the mathematical models which he created to assist in his teaching of geometry.
      • It's all about mathematical models that provide accurate descriptions of measurable properties and it's real in much the same way a path or a recipe is real, I think.
      • Theoretical chemistry is the study of chemical phenomena with the help of mathematical models and computer calculations.
      • Many studies present mathematical models that describe evolutionary processes involving bacteria.
      • Physical scientists find uses for mathematical models, applying them to help understand processes and patterns in the real world.
      • Operational-tactical models provide the basis for mathematical models of naval warfare processes.
      • To study this process, they use detailed mathematical models that describe how the atoms in the protein interact.
      • This is the reason why they develop, as a rule, systems of mathematical models and computational problems.
      • You could also create a mathematical model of a dimpled die and compute the odds.
      • Other work includes simple mathematical models for processes affecting pools.
      • One involves developing the mathematical models to control vast systems of chips with built-in coolers.
      • Today's simulation systems typically use advanced mathematical models to simulate and predict factory floor operations.
      • Controls could also be placed on emissions levels as estimated by mathematical models of pollution processes.
      • Although some purely theoretical work has been done, the key element in this field of research is being able to link mathematical models and data.
      • It may seem strange to call the natural number system a model.

  • 2

    • 2.1(paragon)

      modelo masculine
      a model of virtue un dechado de virtudes
      • He agrees that his failure to respond is not a model of perfection.
      • The merger stood out as a model of discipline among the industry's increasingly expensive couplings.
      • It was baffling, he suggested, that a country so stained by a history of slavery and brutal segregation should dare think itself a model of purity.
      • The book makes for an excellent history of a major corporation and a model of organization for coverage of a complex topic.
      • Solomon, for example, is held up as a model of wisdom, even though he eventually becomes as corrupted as other kings.
      • Guy looked like an ancient Greek statue come to life, for he was a model of physical perfection.
      • He is a model of patience and an example of how to listen without making moral judgments or instant evaluations.
      • Her book is an excellent study of the early modern professions and a model of insightful historical research.
      • A Jewish king was supposed to be a model of what an ideal Jew is all about - a figurehead for the rest of the nation to emulate.
      • But he always seemed to me to be a model of what a Christian penitent should be and I was always grateful for him.
      • Up to the age of 11, my childhood has been a model of textbook perfection.
      • Its inquiry has been a model of its kind, an example of how parties can work together and parliament with the Executive.
      • I think in many ways it has been a model of executive-legislative relations.
      • He was neither influential on policy, a significant thinker on Germany, or a model of the freedom-is-truth ideal he propounded.
      • The hypocrite is a good example for other people, a model of probity and decorum, at least until the truth comes out.
      • The hospice model of care is now espoused as a model of excellence and has led to a worldwide hospice movement aspiring to deliver high quality care to dying patients.
      • The late cardinal was a model of sanctity for today's Christians.
      • An initiative to provide low-cost affordable homes above shops in York has been praised as a model of urban regeneration by the Government.
      • As a piece of curatorial work, the two shows are a model of excellence.
      • That's when I first started trying so hard, pushing myself to be such a model of perfection.

    • 2.2(prototype, example)

      modelo masculine
      to take/use sth/sb as a model tomar/utilizar algo/a algn de / como modelo
      • on the American model siguiendo el modelo americano
      • He says it needs to follow the trends of models overseas.
      • Organization for the first leg followed traditional models.
      • When making decisions, state officials refuse to take reality into account and follow the same old models.
      • At first, they followed the Japanese model: outsource within the domestic economy.
      • Is it any wonder we are confused when we live in a popular culture that is fixated on love, yet fails to provide any realistic models for us to follow?
      • He observes that churches now follow the same corporate models that farms have adopted.
      • A Bradford car dealership has been hailed as a model for others to follow for its work in supporting and promoting equal opportunities.
      • And I'm afraid, with respect, that the European networks are no models to follow at all.
      • He also wants the Government to follow the Spanish model of organ donation.
      • We have tried to follow the US model or the Western European models.
      • If it isn't a war then we should follow the criminal model and use the laws and rules that have been established to to deal with this.
      • The industry however, believes that the model to be followed and which is a big driver is ‘buy now and pay later’.
      • He suggested that the course should follow models already available to students in parts of Europe, in Australia and America.
      • Western models were often followed; mods and rockers, skinheads, punks, and hippies all found their Soviet imitators.
      • This is the first national pilot for the scheme and it is likely other authorities will follow the model in Wiltshire.
      • Many coffee-shops are now following the same model, which could undermine the prospects for fee-based hotspots.
      • Many nations have unabashedly followed the American model of development.
      • He has followed the same model with his current operation.
      • Those who have it make the best friends, the best leaders, the best models to follow.
      • Diabetics should follow a self-monitoring model to help in better management of the disease.

  • 3

    • 3.1(design)

      modelo masculine
      last year's models los modelos del año pasado
      • Designing a workable model requires not only vision, but also respect for the individual parts that make up the whole.
      • Other highlights will include upgraded versions of several models, along with enhanced products from its upscale division.
      • Instead, the new offerings resembled sleeker versions of the utilitarian models pedaled in cities like Amsterdam or Brussels.
      • You'll also find some newer versions of these models which have larger capacity and slight overall performance improvements.
      • Further questioning revealed that he had never touched any version or model of the product I was calling about!
      • The estate version of these models is likely to cost around £1,000 more.
      • Every guarantee card that is given has the model and the design number printed in order to avoid duplication.
      • And, because of the mid-January unveiling of new models and products, it is keenly watched by the boating industry.
      • A version will ship early next year in Europe alongside a model designed specifically as a wireless data unit.
      • About the size of a clock radio, the first model is designed for a person using a phone, but other models will work in open office space.
      • The series comprises three models designed to provide high gain and maximum value and reliability in a compact, rugged design.
      • The next workshop will take into account council's views and may include some basic physical design models.
      • Are they available in 12 volt models designed for cars?
      • Since the entire product line was based on this design, the smaller models were plagued by the same problems.
      • But this year the event saw many mainstream manufacturers showing green versions of familiar models for the first time.
      • Mine has its scope severely limited by the length of cable, being a model designed primarily for videophone use.
      • The company plans to roll out new notebook computer models designed for corporate customers in the first quarter of next year.
      • Compared to the standard version, the SX model as subject here, has two side sliding doors.
      • Lately, many equipment makers have unveiled new models designed for broad dairy product applications.
      • This often required that multiple product models be designed and manufactured to meet different national standards.

    • 3.2British Clothing
      (unique item)

      modelo exclusivo masculine

  • 4

    • 4.1Clothing Photography

      modelo feminine
      a male model un modelo
      • Working with a model, the artist took photos until he was satisfied with the figure's position.
      • A group of artists from Bradford on Avon are holding a spring exhibition and hope to recruit new models to pose for them in the autumn.
      • Only last year, a Royal Academy of Arts touring workshop was not allowed to employ nude models to pose for art students.
      • You may think it's always going to be interesting to look at a naked person, but many people who try to be artist's models are not very good.
      • Although most of the academies confined their activities to teaching and to the provision of models for artists to study a few began to offer members and friends a chance to show their recent work in public.
      • Not only his most famous painting, but also several other works, appeared to be based closely on photographs of models posing in the book, which has been out of print for several years.
      • Ben wanted to do some cave photography and needed a willing group of models to pose for him.
      • The artist demands a pose, the model complies; but once the model assumes the pose, the artist must pay attention.
      • I walk into a room, pick up a piece of charcoal and look at the model posing against a sofa draped in blue.
      • The model's poses, at first glance sexually provocative, are actually those used by wolves.
      • Which actor's resume includes stints as a coffin polisher, a milkman and a nude model for artists?
      • A new sketch starts with the artist using live models for composition and fall of cloth, followed by referring to as many photographs as possible to get the detail accurate.
      • The character in the story cannot see that his young wife posing as a model is dying as he portrays her on the canvas.
      • He posed a nude model to fix the exact posture of Salome in the water-colour version of The Apparition in the Louvre.
      • A good model should understand the artist's intention and help to realize the effect the artist wants to achieve.
      • At one time, artists used live models to sketch and paint portraits.
      • The model was posed and one of the lights blew so we had to concentrate on shadows - there was no choice.
      • She was an artists' model, she travelled and was unmarried when she had her daughter 30 years ago.
      • Artists' models, like fashion photographers' models, are assumed to have been so far transformed as to have no personal claim on the image.
      • To further help him, he also hired a photographer to take photographs of the models as they posed - and also other objects he wanted in the picture.

    • 4.2Art

      modelo masculine
      • Work on the statue required a total of two years, with eight months devoted to sculpting the clay model.
      • Several large sculptures, as well as models, are on view.
      • The sculpture models were all cast after his death.
      • However, given the sculptural effect Leonardo sought to produce in these finished drawings, one wonders to what extent he may have copied from wax or plaster models of flayed limbs.
      • For thousands of years, in fact, foundry workers have made bronze castings of clay models made by sculptors.
      • In the past, this would have meant having a sculptor create a clay model from the drawings.
      • A principal use of wax in sculpture is as an auxiliary material, either for preliminary sketches or for making models to be reproduced in metal.
      • The manner in which the leg is cut off at the groin in some of these drawings recalls the ecorche wax models of legs formerly attributed to Michelangelo in the Victoria and Albert Museum.
      • Quinn sent resin body casts of the subjects to Italy where they were used as models by stone craftsmen who hand-carved the sculptures in editions of three.
      • Her sculptures begin life as straw and plaster models before they are cast.

transitive verbmodelled, modelling, modeled, modeling

  • 1

    (shape, form)
    (clay/shape) modelar
    • The figure was modelled in marble in Italy, and by the time it was ready, so was the new three-storey office building.
    • Stay-making also became a separate craft, and separate corsets became a common part of female fashion, variably modelling the torso under the clothing.
    • Following a trip to Paris in 1909 and exposure to Aristide Maillol's work, she modeled life-sized figures in stone.
    • He also made thousands of drawings, paintings, modelled clay, was a sculptor, and designed costumes.
    • The figure was modeled directly after an illustration from volume three of Antonio Francesco Gori's Museum Florentinum, published in Florence in 1734.
    • The next summer he returned with sketches and immediately went to work again modeling the clay into various shapes and decorating it with imagery similar to that used in his paintings.
    • In a nutshell: beeswax is modeled over a clay core, covered by an outer layer of clay, banded and dried, with muddy clay washes that fill cracks and cover the bands.
    • One plastinate is modelled on Salvador Dali's 1936/37 painting ‘Burning Giraffe’.
    • When he was born, Marc immediately set about measuring his head and then modelling it in clay.
    • Other small-scale terra-cottas are delicately modeled beach and seascapes in the form of small relief plaques.
    • It is sensitively modeled to portray the aquiline nose and almond-shaped eyes of the king.
    • Kirchner was appointed in 1727 to work on modelling porcelain for the Japanese Palace but proved wayward and was asked to leave.
    • The trapdoors are made of soil, often clay, modeled into shape and reinforced with silk.
    • Another difference is that her pieces are constructed, and mine are literally modeled and then cast.
    • It is modeled on a Meissen figure described as ‘Schneider, welcher auf einem Ziegenbock reitet’ (a tailor who rides on a goat).
    • The four bronze lions at the base of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, London, were modeled by Landseer and put into place in 1867.
    • Summoned to Paris, Canova began the sculpture in 1802 by modelling Napoleon's likeness; he finished the statue in Rome in 1806.
    • A spectacular example is the incense burner in the shape of a beautifully modeled floating crane.
    • The figures are modeled as big hand-built pots, like early pre-Columbian figurines.
    • Both figures are modelled with revolting realism but have glass bowls for heads.
    • The sculptures range from earthy red to dark green tones and are modeled in terra cotta from a life form, and then cast in bronze.
  • 2

    to model sth on sth
    • their education system was modeled on that of France su sistema educativo se inspiró en el francés
    • to model oneself on sb imitar a algn
    • he modeled his appearance on that of his idol se vestía tomando a su ídolo como modelo / a imitación de su ídolo
    • In fact, it is modelled on the water-cooling system of a leaf.
    • I never modelled my style on his, but I did try to take parts of his game and graft them on to mine.
    • HIV service delivery systems are modeled on community-based long-term care services designed to meet the needs of the elderly chronically ill.
    • The procedures were modeled after the Nobels, with the final selection being made by the international jury with all deliberations and voting in secret.
    • And there was nothing there that even remotely resembled my current hairstyle, so I modelled the avatar on me five years ago when my hair was short and reddish brown.
    • The scientists were able to follow the surviving Salmonella and model its growth on raw poultry meat, showing how it behaves in a real food environment.
    • She has also taken the unusual step of modelling her image on Mother Theresa.
    • The Opposition might like to recognise that the system it has modelled its approach on - that of England - was dumped last week by the Brits because it is useless.
    • From the start, the universities were modeled after metropolitan examples and typically started off as colleges or affiliates of metropolitan institutions.
    • The Socialist Republic of Vietnam came into existence in July 1976 as a communist country modelling its political system after those of the Soviet Union and China.
    • The government should model fiber-optic lines after the highway system, laying free federal lines unconnected to any service.
    • Early teaching methods were modelled on the monastic system or based on trade guilds, with no specific forms of architecture.
    • In wargames, theme is everything, as the designer is attempting to model a game on a historical or quasi-historical event, and the rules follow from trying to simulate aspects of that event.
    • We modeled these instructions on those used in previous pain studies.
    • This is costing them too much and they should model their systems on Scottish farms, which are now being broken down into 3 groups.
    • The writer modelled her character on an existing female politician.
    • The singer says he modeled his character on homeless people he observed during a stay in Pittsburgh.
    • This would not be a problem if we modelled our city on Bogota's innovative transportation system.
    • And they're modeling their action after the freedom riders from the civil rights movement.
    • The model draws on previous work looking at, among other things, induced innovation.
  • 3

    she models sportswear es modelo de ropa sport
    • Liz is modeling an elegant black dress Liz luce un elegante modelo negro
    • I had some cake with them and admired Kait when she modeled her bathing suit for us.
    • The winner will go on to an international contest in Shanghai, and will also be modeling clothes in Paris.
    • She modeled clothes for some big company based in Montreal.
    • Teenage girls should be modeling teenage clothes in a appropriate environment, they should not be exploited.
    • His friends are green with envy after Paul got the chance to see Catherine modelling the dress.
    • Of course, it's not every day that Rachel is going to be getting a job modelling underwear.
    • One would think that Asian models would be more suited to model clothes with the Oriental flair.
    • Have a parade with the guests modeling their new hats.
    • A woman modelling the shoes said, ‘Actually, they are extremely comfortable.’
    • What concerns me most is that they appear to have gotten homeless people to model these outfits.
    • Students and staff will be modelling clothes from more than nine different high street stores at the show.
    • During the second half of the evening casual and funky clothes were modelled as the girls gave everyone ideas for a Saturday night out with a difference.
    • So now she was modeling her new clothes for mother in the living room.
    • Earlier, judges narrowed the field of 81 to 15, then 10, as hopefuls modelled evening gowns and swimsuits.
    • Having modelled five coats for the campaign, she can apparently keep them all.
    • Jakey modeled his clothes in front of the mirror for me and turned to smile.
    • I just sulked in one of the chairs and watched my best friends model clothes.
    • So, if you did see women in Korea modelling underwear, in catalogues or on posters in department stores, it would always be western women, or Russians.
    • The clothes will be modelled by students, members of the community and sporting personalities.
    • She found a nice red T-shirt and turned to see Jessica grinning and modeling her clothes behind her.

intransitive verbmodelled, modelling, modeled, modeling

  • 1

    (make shapes)
  • 2

    Clothing trabajar de modelo
    Art posar
    Photography ser modelo
    • Together, the paintings demonstrated to an international audience the range of the artist's talent and his debt to the family who modeled for him.
    • Although she has done some swimsuit modelling, she has never posed nude, nor does she have any intention of doing so.
    • Back in Scotland, she modelled for ten years and worked as a make-up artist before making the break into media.
    • In her 20s, she dabbled in modelling, photography and clothes design, occasionally shooting videos for America's alternative rock royalty.
    • Aidan struck a pose, trying to look like he was modeling.
    • But my grandmother did not allow her to go into modelling.
    • Others of us modeled without clothes on for Life Drawing classes.
    • Sameera would leave modelling to her sisters and declares: ‘I'm in love with the moving camera.’
    • I also model - I'm 29 and have been modelling since I was 15.
    • She doesn't blame modelling for her past sorrows, although working in an industry where physical perfection is paramount can't be the best environment for a girl with a need to be accepted.
    • She said: ‘I have never thought about modelling - and I don't think I would, although it would be nice to do for a while.’
    • When she modeled in her early twenties, ‘upside-down poses, handstands and things like that were really easy, and I could hold them a long time.’
    • She didn't feel like modeling any more so she pulled the new clothes off and pulled her jeans and T-shirt back on.
    • Woods has said his girlfriend had done swimsuit modelling, but never posed nude.
    • Then someone suggested that I should start modelling.
    • I have known her since I was 17 and started modelling.
    • I've modeled for several male photographers who showed me the poses they wanted by doing it themselves, and most of the time, they looked about this silly.
    • From modelling to cinema she never planned anything.
    • The sculptor may have modeled a terra-cotta bust of Anne-Marie.
    • Rising to her feet she struck a pose; playfully modeling for him.
    • Saying it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for her, she went on to answer the quizmaster's questions about modelling.


  • 1

    (railway/ship/village) en miniatura
    (railway/ship/village) a escala
    model aeroplane aeromodelo masculine
  • 2

    (citizen/student/child) (invariable adjective) modelo
    (citizen/child/student) ejemplar
    (answer/performance) (invariable adjective) tipo
    a model prison una cárcel modelo