Translation of model home in Spanish:

model home

casa piloto, n.



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    casa piloto masculine
    • You've been working on this model home, and what will then happen once that's completed?
    • Her tranquil and textural work has been shown in various galleries, private collections, on television, and in model homes throughout Northeast Ohio and parts of Colorado.
    • The model home makes Jack froth: ‘It's not a house, it's a thing to keep the TV dry.’
    • Visit a few higher-end model homes to see what the pros are doing.
    • Property owners will be able to choose from model home designs and also will be able to design their own internal floor plans.
    • Look at new model homes to verify that features you're considering adding are present in those homes.
    • We drove by a model home, for house buyers to tour.
    • As you look at floor plans, work with an architect or a custom builder or tour model homes.
    • After the ceremonies, guests were able to receive their first look at a completed model home, and came away impressed with this new concept.
    • When you put on ‘aesthetic blinders ‘so you can zero in on function, you'll find the model home kitchens have pluses and minuses, just like yours.
    • To get a handle on all the possibilities, visit builder's model homes.
    • Even the model homes we visited presented barriers that gave us difficulties.
    • The idea for the Global Village stemmed from a group of five model homes the the organization maintained in town to show visitors to its headquarters.
    • The room that aunty Lanya and uncle James share looks like something out of a model home.
    • They live in an isolated model home that is all that remains of a bankrupt developer and his dream.
    • So if you visit a model home and see something you like, ask the salesperson about that builder's policy.
    • Since model homes today are frequently driven by interior design, architects also should evaluate the degree to which their efforts will be appreciated.
    • This year, her furniture propped a model home at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas.
    • To net top dollar, you have to banish most traces of yourself - from your refrigerator magnets to your kids' artwork - and create an idealized living space, almost with the look of a model home.
    • Too often, families haven't the time or resources to look at model home after model home in their desired area.