Translation of modem in Spanish:


módem, n.

Pronunciation /ˈməʊdɛm//ˈmoʊdəm/


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    módem masculine
    • For example: a modem driver allows the modem inside your computer work with Windows.
    • Another device that is very handy is a voice modem with telephone recording software.
    • With a network server there is no need for separate modems and telephone lines.
    • Many of these devices can access wireless networks or use the cell signal as a modem line.
    • Telephone lines are tapped, and fax machines, modems, computers and satellite dishes have to be registered with the government.
    • These reports expanded the analysis to include not only computers and modems but also Internet connectivity.
    • An army of teleworkers has sprung up, equipped with computers, modems and ISDN lines, and ready to do business.
    • Computers that don't share a local network talk to each other through telephone lines using modems.
    • The modem decodes the analog data signal and converts it to a digital signal.
    • Unfortunately, it doesn't take an awful lot of voltage to punch holes in the delicate electronics we're using in our modems and computers.
    • It was only when the price of a modem dropped below $35 that PC manufacturers decided to bundle modems into all new computers.
    • So it supplemented the existing database on telephones with a profile of computers and modems.
    • With computers, modems, e-mails and Web sites, the world has become smaller, which allows you to tell more people who you are and what you do.
    • As prices drop and adoption increases, all computers will include ADSL modems.
    • High voltages can enter your computer through the phone line connected to the modem.
    • Should you go for a modem for one computer or a router to share the connection between more than one?
    • This suggests the spammers are using Internet connections at work or connecting modems to worklace telephone lines.
    • In addition, four USB ports are available for connection to a variety of peripheral devices such as printers, modems or external storage devices.
    • Since all of Taiwan is wired for telephone use, anyone with a modem and computer can get on the Internet.
    • The receiving modem translates the analog signals back to digital form.