Translation of moderate in Spanish:


moderado, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈmɑd(ə)rət//ˈmɒd(ə)rət/


  • 1

    (price/expense) moderado
    (price/expense) módico
    (heat) moderado
    he's a moderate drinker bebe con moderación
    • winds will be light to moderate los vientos serán de suaves a moderados
    • Drivers caught breaking the speed limit by moderate amounts would get two, instead of three, points on their licence under the Road Safety Bill being debated by MPs.
    • They basically got away with what they could at the time (which wasn't much) and found a moderate amount of success.
    • The marginal zone cells were medium-sized and contained a moderate amount of cytoplasm.
    • I expected a moderate amount, but it's quite scary.
    • The trail, just off the leeward highway, is not difficult, though there are a few steep areas requiring a moderate degree of fitness.
    • You know, when we're giggling with the moderate amount of English that she knows.
    • A moderate climate produces an average winter temperature of 50 degrees, while the summer average is 82.4 degrees.
    • Though the calorific value of fructose was the same as that of sucrose or glucose, it was preferable to consume it only in moderate amounts.
    • Health experts suggest a diet rich in green vegetables full of antioxidants, beans which contain healthy fats and a moderate amount of wine.
    • Some of these second-wave acts achieved a moderate degree of success and most were assured at least of a long career on the standup circuit.
    • On a moderate level of intensity, such feelings would amount to what is usually categorized as cheerfulness.
    • It really doesn't matter what type of exercise, if it is done at moderate intensity for as long as possible, and is built up gradually.
    • The fourth is that they exercise not a bit but a lot - ie they have about 60-90 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every day.
    • But, you know, it is healthy to get moderate amounts of sunlight.
    • Let it be said, however, that I'm all in favour of those things that keep us looking and feeling our youthful best, including moderate amounts of plastic surgery.
    • Some of the vices he recommended to the elderly include the use - in moderate amounts - of alcohol, tobacco and bromides to relieve insomnia.
    • Research by the Department of Transport suggests that talking on a mobile while driving affects a driver in a similar way to drinking a moderate amount of alcohol.
    • Current research suggests that 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity almost everyday is enough to improve health.
    • Although it prefers no frost, it will tolerate a moderate amount of it.
    • Time how many jumps you can perform at a moderate pace in 30 seconds.
  • 2

    (not extreme)
    (demands/views/criticism) moderado
    • A new moderate party comes onto the political scene.
    • In general, however, the tone of the party was moderate.
    • What factors explain these moderate policies toward ethnic minorities?
    • In one 12-hour period, assassination attempts were mounted on as many as five politicians from a moderate party.
    • That's key, that's what a lot of moderate lawmakers in both parties want to hear.
    • He turned Labour into a moderate party which accepted Thatcher's economic settlement but combined it with state-sponsored policies of social cohesion.
    • Throughout the process, those loyal to its moderate policies fought for the survival of their party.
    • Once upon a time, this was a very moderate party.
    • He, along with other pragmatists, feared that it could split his party into moderate and radical factions and undermine its ability to govern.
    • Its front bench has a younger profile, and with its policies not very far from those of the current government, it will find little ideological problems with the moderate policies now favoured by Labour.
    • Will the press buy the notion of putting out these more moderate faces in the spotlight means that it's a more moderate party?
    • The aim was always to hollow out the more moderate party and supplant it.
    • They had to put forward a moderate policy platform that nevertheless differed them from the Liberals.
    • The new moderate policy reckoned without the ambitions of the poorest peasants and the zeal of local Party cadres.
    • Any extremist attempts at violence would overwhelmingly consolidate support for a moderate policy.
    • The Democrats will never succeed as either a liberal party or a moderate party.
    • In other words, people voted for the extremist parties because the moderate parties were too extremist.
    • His moderate policies, his personal charm, and his touch at expressing popular opinion were all heightened by the weakness of the leadership of his Conservative rivals.
    • Australia has a new and rising political party with moderate policies which is headed by a black woman.
    • He was the target of years of bitter denunciation, even revulsion, from the left over his moderate policies, but subsequent events demonstrated he was right and they were wrong.
  • 3

    (achievement/ability) regular
    (achievement/ability) pasable

transitive verb

  • 1

    (views/criticism/demands) moderar
    kindly moderate your language ten la bondad de cuidar el vocabulario que empleas
  • 2moderating pres p

    (influence/effect) moderador

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (pain) aliviarse
    (pain) calmarse
    (wind) calmarse
  • 2

    (person) hacer de moderador


  • 1

    moderado masculine
    moderada feminine