Translation of moderately in Spanish:


medianamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑd(ə)rətli//ˈmɒd(ə)rətli/


  • 1

    (attractive/good) medianamente
    moderately priced de precio módico / razonable
    • they played moderately well jugaron a un nivel aceptable
    • did you enjoy it? — yes, moderately ¿te gustó? — no estuvo mal
    • Usually installation shows are only moderately successful.
    • First of all, I'm fairly tall and moderately strong, although I'm not going to win any weightlifting contests.
    • Yet she doesn't even come off as a femme fatale, but rather just a sweet young woman only moderately pretty.
    • It is moderately lime resistant and quite drought resistant, and so is widely used in Mediterranean climates.
    • After all, I'm a moderately successful marketing professional, used to sifting through what people say to find what they actually mean.
    • When we started, we both knew that we would be leaving in 365 days, so it was moderately noncommittal and fairly unpressured.
    • The only moderately interesting question this week is how well they deliver their speeches.
    • I'm moderately satisfied with all of them, I think, but not terribly.
    • Not only that, but 1.5 percent said the event had a moderately or significantly negative effect.
    • As it turns out, I'm a pretty healthy kid, moderately intact and surprisingly good with multiplication tables.
    • A report said the Council had had a moderately active and successful year, but every section had suffered from fluctuations in a more or less acute manner.
    • His tactics so far have been moderately successful.
    • I'm slow, but moderately clever and quite strong, and that reflects my childhood experiences, development and training level, not my gender.
    • But, on the other hand, even if you look at last season when the team was moderately successful the club only averaged about 900.
    • As individuals, they can be weaknesses - even a moderately successful blog like this one is read by only a few thousand people each day.
    • They are moderately successful and catch a few small fish.
    • To maintain the natural acid in wine grapes, growers plant in moderately warm regions, rather than hot, with cool nights that allow the vines to rest.
    • The event was depressed by the lack of recent rain, but was still moderately successful.
    • I suppose it was a moderately successful experiment, and it's the shortest it's been for four years.
    • When I first arrived in New York, I dated a moderately successful guy who kept a laptop on the bedside table and checked out stock prices before getting into or out of bed.
  • 2

    (with restraint)
    (behave/drink) con moderación
    • A round-trip ticket from America to Europe in the 1890s cost no more than a moderately priced bicycle.
    • For this reason I decided to go for many moderately priced photographs rather than a few high priced photographs.
    • Here, hearty staples can be washed down with a selection of moderately priced wines.
    • There does exist a whole universe of moderately priced but delicious wines that are easy to buy and effortless to drink.
    • The solution is to weave a mesh composed of small, moderately priced objects rather than a handful of very large and very expensive ones.
    • There are two categories: very expensive and moderately priced.
    • A fully stocked bar with a vast supply of liquor and bottled beer, all moderately priced, are other choices of beverage.
    • These are within the budget of everyone prepared to spend moderately on good living, and respite from the rush and the hurry.
    • Even in the current market, it is moderately priced.
    • But diners who visit moderately priced restaurants are also likely to be charged high mark-ups, particularly on the cheapest bottles of wine.
    • Really good example of a very moderately priced Pinot.
    • For those of you who may wonder why we are having our parties at the same place that is one of the reasons, ballrooms in other moderately priced hotels are not as big.
    • What's a nice moderately priced hotel that's near to the shopping areas?
    • These huge domestic markets will provide the bedrock for creating and developing global brands on the back of skilled, moderately priced workforces.
    • In fact, that's the perfect way to get to know this moderately priced, easy-to-love restaurant.
    • Fully licensed, a fairly standard wine list was moderately priced and offered several reasonably priced options by the glass.
    • But when she found a moderately priced health club near her office, she joined and began working out.
    • It was a moderately sized motel, reasonably furnished and decorated.
    • A simple, moderately priced every-night dinner wine is meant for tonight.
    • However, plenty of other goodies are moderately priced.