Translation of modifier in Spanish:


modificante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɒdɪfʌɪə//ˈmɑdəˌfaɪ(ə)r/


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    modificante masculine
    • ‘Chocolate is a potent mood modifier,’ says the author.
    • When a modified work were downloaded or streamed, both the creator of the original work and the modifier would get a share of the resultant revenue.
    • Some eastern Albertan farmers hold weather modifiers responsible for further disrupting the natural water cycles and dehydrating their already parched land.
    • This is a serious look at America's extreme body modifiers - think tongue splitting, elective amputation and the like.
    • We've hired therapists and behavioral modifiers, parent effectiveness training.
    • OK, so there's no way a sea breeze is a classic cocktail, but since it conforms to the classic rule - a single spirit base and two modifiers - we'll allow it.
    • Corporate food modifiers go around in lab coats and play with petri-dishes and DNA.