Translation of module in Spanish:


módulo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɒdjuːl//ˈmɑdʒul/


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    (separate unit)
    módulo masculine
    command/service/lunar module módulo de mando/de servicio/lunar
    • teaching module unidad
    • We ship our standard product with our standard modules for automotive.
    • These systems will comprise a library of component device modules and proprietary modular components.
    • At the same time, plastics developers are targeting structural components like front end modules and other mainstays of stamped steel like seat frames.
    • Ballistic protection is provided by special armour modules, which are attached to the tank by bolts.
    • Ahead of him, Marc was wading up the tunnel fearlessly, following the light modules on the tunnel wall.
    • Standard lamp modules and appliance modules have full access to house current since they are plugged directly into a power outlet.
    • In those plants, assembly areas will have the same footprint containing standardized modules built from a select group of common components.
    • Where the station rested in space a minute ago was now an incomplete framework of solar panels and pieces of modules, tubing, and railings.
    • The 1,750 sq ft bungalow is made up of three buildings connected by modules that act as light wells and avoid claustrophobic corridors.
    • It relied on suppliers to design, develop and assemble vehicle components into modules, which would be shipped to the main plant for final assembly.
    • The largest engineering center is in Graz where 1200 engineers are developing components, systems, modules and complete vehicles.
    • Cutting away the front of the frame to install the module weakens the overall structure of the grip-frame.
    • The module contains 1,000 minute electrodes which will create 1,000 ‘points of light’.
    • A closer look at many new buildings reveal they are equipped with various kinds of solar electric modules collecting solar power for water heating and electricity.
    • Our main products are light sources and modules that enable plastic optical fibre to be used for high bandwidth, low-cost links with large data capacity.
    • Last year, it won a contract to supply the builder with 150 modules containing finished bathrooms and utility rooms for use in an apartment development in Cork.
    • In the final stages here we would do two steps: we will test the module and label it according to its specified power, then we will put a frame around it, box it, and put it out in the warehouse.
    • To obtain a soft colour for the roof, yet use a steel resistant to salt, the steel was bought in flat sheets and rolled to a designed profile in accord with the building module.
    • The test aircraft will have six laser modules, and the production version will have 14.
    • The Army has no mandated size of unit building blocks; module size will vary within each functional category.
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    módulo masculine