Translation of moist in Spanish:


húmedo, adj.

Pronunciation /mɔɪst//mɔɪst/


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    (surface/soil/climate) húmedo
    (cake) no seco
    to be moist with sth estar húmedo de algo
    • her eyes were moist with tears tenía los ojos llorosos
    • In late May, the young plants should be hardened off in a cold frame for a few days before planting in a sunny spot and a fertile, moist but well-drained soil.
    • The temperate climate, mild and moist, has ensured the development of an abundance of plant and animal life.
    • I'm getting a slightly golden loaf with a moist and firm texture, and an interesting slightly fermented taste.
    • I wipe the pieces with a slightly moist, very serf sponge and then begin to apply my three coats of Velvet base color.
    • Ginseng grows in a cold and slightly moist environment.
    • The sods were heavy and moist and had to be handled carefully or else all the work was in vain.
    • Hand picking is especially effective during moist weather conditions.
    • It was baked just right, nice and moist, with a slightly crispy outer crust.
    • Both leaf floras and paleoclimatic models imply that the Potomac Group climate was moist and subtropical.
    • Her eyes on his retreating form, a sigh of relief escaped Callie's slightly moist lips, and she swiped at them unconsciously.
    • It was caused by a combination of unusually warm, moist weather and a down rush of cold air.
    • A good time to apply them is just after a bath, while the skin is still slightly moist.
    • A dry, crumbly or even slightly cloddy surface with moist, fine soil at seeding depth gives the crop a good head start over the weeds.
    • With the onset of moist weather, spores are produced and are spread to healthy wheat plants by splashing rain.
    • This makes the cabbage tender, and the filling moist and slightly crumbly.
    • Darjeeling tea, grown at a higher altitude and in a cool, moist climate, is called the ‘champagne of teas’.
    • They sat down on the slightly moist grass and stared out into the cloudy sky.
    • I would guess that the moist weather pattern that we are currently experiencing would persist for at least a week or two.
    • Warm air, slightly moist, caressed her jaw line, swept back the tension from its clenched fist.
    • You can substitute regular milk for these scones; they will be slightly drier than these, however, which are nicely moist.
    • Where the hills were burned, the soil was already moist and fertile-looking.
    • She was in a moist climate, with temperature and humidity that wouldn't have allowed for this.
    • Potatoes are smothered in onions and garlic and the whole thing is slightly moist, yet oven-browned.
    • Cooked, the grains are moist and slightly stickier than long-grain rice.
    • Again, utmost caution is in order, because the wrapping paper is very moist and likely to tear.
    • These factors combine to produce a climate that, while moist and tropical in the summer, may bring extended periods without rain.
    • In Victoria, many of the heaviest rainfall events occur when a depression develops over the State within an existing moist airmass.
    • Ants love sandy soil so if you add plenty of humus, such as compost, you'll end up with dark, moist, friable soil and no ants.
    • Ten hours later, we were in Mexico, stepping off an plane into a wall of moist, hot, heavy air.
    • We sit there for a few minutes in a moist and slightly humid (but definitely not steamy) room.
    • It thrives in our moist climate and is relatively free of pests and diseases.
    • Roof maintenance is best done during the spring, or during times of extended cool, moist weather.
    • For one thing, the moist tropical climate works against the preservation of such delicate artwork.
    • The combination of flat land and a mild, moist climate has made the Netherlands a paradise for dairy cattle.
    • Tucumán is a small but naturally fertile province, with a moist microclimate in which sugar plantations and lemon groves flourish.
    • How does one grow regionally adapted beans for moist climates?
    • For example, a hot, moist climate might produce leaf form similar to a cooler, dry climate because heat exacerbates water stress.
    • Bean rust favors cool, moist weather and is further enhanced by varieties susceptible to the pathogen's many races.
    • Anyway, if you want to spend some time in a warm, moist climate, I would recommend a trip to the Congo Basin.
    • Our moist, or relatively moist, temperate climate is actually what underpins our biological economy and our production.