Translation of mollify in Spanish:


aplacar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmɒlɪfʌɪ//ˈmɑləˌfaɪ/

transitive verbmollifies, mollified, mollifying

  • 1

    she was slightly mollified by his apology sus disculpas la aplacaron un poco
    • The driver was not mollified, not even a little bit.
    • I was mollified for the time being, and things resumed their tentative state of normality.
    • We'll probably just see a bunch of cosmetic amendments to mollify the rebels.
    • Most people have been mollified but there are still a few complainants left.
    • The spider plants I placed all round the house after reading about the NASA research on toxin absorption do not seem to have mollified her.
    • ‘She's right Chris, don't look so put out, ’Betty said, attempting to mollify Chris.
    • She then gave me a cute, shy little smile, completely unaware that her doing that alone was enough to mollify me.
    • I still think it'll be fascinating to see what rhetorical path she chooses to try and mollify her liberal fans.
    • Brown was ready to mollify the union leaders, with whom he has a long and close association, with a pledge to continue the debate on the issue.
    • I made the introduction mostly to mollify the woman who looked like she'd rather shoot us than hear our story.
    • There are serious flaws to the agreement that prevent it from being anything more than a feel-good measure designed to mollify the Green Party.
    • She looked slightly mollified by the compliment, but I could tell that it would be a long evening before my task was accomplished.
    • The Government's assurances failed to mollify opponents, who say people are already leaving university with debts of £20,000 or more.
    • I was fully mollified and feeling amiable towards him again.
    • Together, they were able to mollify workers and quietly implement the destruction of thousands of jobs.
    • I've had nephews break things, and the parents were very apologetic and took full responsibility (and that's all it took, an apology, to mollify us).
    • My feeling is that he will leave, though good results could yet mollify him.
    • Silver says customers were temporarily mollified when management put up signs warning of upcoming renovations.
    • I felt slightly mollified by the fact that it hadn't all been my fault, although I was still flaming angry at Andrew for his sneaky, malicious trick.
    • Her mother called in tears, and now Anna feels that she has to travel to Davis to mollify her.