Translation of monastic in Spanish:


monástico, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈnæstɪk//məˈnastɪk/


  • 1

    (vow/order) monástico
    (life) monacal
    (life) monástico
    • The religious pillars, of course, are the clergy and monastic orders.
    • It may be wondered if this is the best solution to the situation brought about by the dominance of the monastic tradition in Orthodox worship.
    • Having had a good day of golf and wine with the two Jims and myself, he retired to his room in the monastic student hall of residence.
    • Yet, there is a fourth form of service to the world that is much more central to the Orthodox monastic vocation: providing spiritual guidance.
    • Historically, Psalms have always been sung by believers, beginning in Jewish worship and continuing through that of monastic orders.
    • Chastity is the third monastic virtue, the opposite of voluptuousness.
    • Before noon of the same day, that forge was blessed by the monastic priests of nearby Kadavul Temple.
    • This image of a monastic, reclusive author, wilfully at odds with much of modernity, was confirmed by the posthumous appearance of Brown's autobiography.
    • Music is, by implication, a solitary and almost monastic pursuit, one unabashedly privileged over friendship or love.
    • There is a lot that Heloise has to say on the subject of religion in her later monastic writings.
    • Some monastic sects, such as the lingayats, wear stone lingams around their necks as a part of their sacred practice.
    • The bedrooms vary from private apartment to monastic simplicity, yet all bear the hallmarks of a considerate host: candles, joss sticks, tea-making facilities and mosquito repellent.
    • He lives a monastic lifestyle, associates with no one, and has no personal relationships.
    • The monastic orders were linked to the bureaucratic structure through papal recognition and interlocking networks.
    • So we spent a lot of time living there with this specific community of monks, a monastic household.
    • Sera is one of the three great Gelug monastic universities where monks do intensive study and training in Buddhist philosophy.
    • I saw how they lived, saw how they dressed, and that influenced in a very strict way the monastic protocols that we later put into action in our own monastic order.
    • The Armenian Quarter is a little known part of the city and its stone passages and cloisters give it a secluded, monastic air.
    • Most Theravada monks live as part of monastic communities.
    • Today we'll hear from two Buddhists, who lived a monastic life, and also left it after some years.
    • The akharas' dates of founding range from the sixth to the fourteenth century, though large monastic orders have existed throughout India's long history.
    • It is my understanding that the current debate preserves monastic celibacy within the religious orders, just as it does for the Eastern Church.
    • With regard to marriage Luther pursues the same idea: The marital relationship between a man and a woman is true chastity and of higher value than monastic asceticism.
    • Medieval people believed that the suffering of the dead could be eased by the prayers of the living, and monastic prayers of intercession were valued most highly.
    • It was a very austere kind of monastic existence.
    • It was a memorable visit, and uplifting for both monastic orders.
    • The church and monastic buildings on Lindisfarne today date from the Norman period when a Benedictine monastery was established on the island.