Translation of monetary in Spanish:


monetario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑnəˌtɛri//ˈmʌnɪt(ə)ri/


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    • Dr Klaus claims he is helping people not for monetary gain but because he wants to.
    • Economic and monetary union is certain to have major consequences for competition policy.
    • However, the uprating is perhaps more significant than its monetary value might suggest.
    • Growth of the monetary base is thus limited to the inflow of foreign currency.
    • This makes it very clear that this industry plays a major role in monetary terms.
    • You probably find the fact that there is a monetary value to your work rather distasteful.
    • GNP is a monetary measure of the total value of output of a country in any time-period.
    • The governor is the steward of the monetary principles and economics of the country.
    • Things acquire monetary value on the basis of their prestige, not the other way around.
    • The company wants an injunction and is currently investigating monetary damages.
    • The remarkable thing is how little attention in the West this fiscal and monetary policy has received.
    • Various economists were critical about monetary union for basically two reasons.
    • Yet this is a problem for that firm, not a problem with the monetary system as a whole.
    • Meanwhile, we now know more about this academic, monetary economist than we did a short while ago.
    • Sadly, most of London seems to have got wise to the value, monetary or otherwise, of gems such as these.
    • It seems as if they have never heard anything about the monetary theory of the trade cycle.
    • It's easy to be depressed when you look around and see the state of monetary affairs.
    • It is probably best described as the exercising of monetary policy, but not via low interest rates.
    • The launch of the euro as legal tender marks the completion of monetary union.
    • It is therefore essential that the two monetary systems should be mutually independent.