Translation of monetize in Spanish:


monetizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmʌnɪtʌɪz//ˈmɑnəˌtaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Doing so allows them to avoid sending bearish signals to investors while still monetizing their shares.
    • The trick is to monetize this buzz, to make liberal use of her celebrity pixie dust to undo the damage her legal woes did to her company.
    • The Constitution denies power to the government to monetize its debt.
    • Hey, who knows about monetizing assets better than CEOs?
    • To the extent that the Fed is able to monetize assets it can increase bank reserves, upon which banks can increase the money supply by pyramiding further.
    • Is this a sign that the fiscal deficit is finally being monetised?
    • ‘If you monetize it now, you get probably a pretty good multiple for the business… and you get some liquidity in the door today,’ he says.
    • The debt load it heaps upon our already sated budgets will have to be monetized.
    • It is not up to the governments to monetize or demonetize a commodity.
    • Will it be stabilised by fiscal transfers from other member countries or should the European Central Bank be allowed to monetise the accrued national debt?
    • Dollar balances will continue to inundate the world, and foreign central banks will be forced to acquire / monetize these flows.
    • The Federal Reserve has not yet had to monetize the national deficit, but the trend seems to point in that direction.
    • Such is the simplified view of how the Federal Reserve actions monetized recent price increases, such as those of oil.
    • The system, at this point, demonstrates a strong proclivity to monetize rising prices - inflation begetting higher inflation.
    • We'll never have the scale of a portal, but we have a much better ability to monetize the traffic we have.
    • He notes that the company will monetize sales by selling images to users and splitting the revenue with the illustrators who created them.
    • Obviously, monetizing any commodity cheapens it.
    • The sale also afforded us the opportunity to monetize a currently nonproductive asset.
    • Six months after the launch, the board made the decision to dismiss the staff, close our virtual doors, and monetize the assets.
    • The Bundesbank resisted monetizing the deficit and interest rates jumped to record levels as early as 1989.