Translation of money-spinner in Spanish:


mina de oro, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈməni ˌspɪnər/



  • 1

    mina de oro feminine informal
    filón masculine informal
    • It should be a real money-spinner, with a possible total of £40,000 not far-fetched.
    • Today, heritage is proving a money-spinner as a major tourist attraction the way it has been packaged and is being marketed.
    • This is the biggest money-spinner in our school, serving a variety of chocolate bars, crisps and sugared drinks.
    • Serials are major money-spinners as they bring in commercials of consumer goods.
    • I can only see these cameras as money-spinners.
    • Given the frequency with which people change address these days, an efficient redirection service could be a real money-spinner.
    • Normally, the chain's four eateries - one West End, one East End, one Old Town and one at Bruntsfield - are guaranteed money-spinners.
    • Most were cancelled in mid-season and replaced with reality shows, which are guaranteed money-spinners for advertisers.
    • In Uganda, the reserves where foreign visitors come to commune with the mountain gorilla have proved a money-spinner.
    • It will also be a huge money-spinner for the area as it is expected to attract 60 teams from more than 20 countries.
    • Please note, this project is in no way a potential money-spinner!
    • Networks might not be the money-spinner the carriers once hoped, but they're bringing increasing cheer to investors with each quarter.
    • Sales of sites to the highest bidder for holiday homes or other speculative investment has become a money-spinner for some.
    • Sometimes fledgling York firms’ nifty ideas may seem to be all hot air, but with a little cash help they can turn into money-spinners.
    • All these privatised services must be money-spinners for the companies involved, otherwise they would not do them and it is our local taxes making their profits.
    • It is hoped that the trial could lead to the plant becoming a valuable money-spinner for farmers in Scotland, who have seen their earnings plummet in recent years.
    • Sailing is a major money-spinner for Lymington and any reduction in the number of visiting yachtsmen would be a serious blow to local trade.
    • The work was very welcome and a good money-spinner for the museum.
    • The real money-spinners are franchises aimed at children, which are essentially licences to print money.
    • Organisers behind a cancelled charity walk on Bingley's relief road are planning an alternative money-spinner.