Translation of moneybox in Spanish:


alcancía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmʌnɪbɒks//ˈmənibɑks/


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    alcancía feminine Latin America
    hucha feminine Spain
    • The guard, who witnessed the robbery, said he saw his colleague walk out of the shop to his vehicle in the parking lot with the money box.
    • And before that I always saved up my pennies in a money box for rainy days.
    • And, although you feel terrible every time you do it, you lose count of the number of times you raid your children's money boxes.
    • I can still remember my very first piggy-bank, which was a bright-red money box, given away by the bank to persuade children to save.
    • For example, if D steals £100 and places it in his own money box he cannot be convicted of handling stolen goods by retaining it.
    • The suspect then grabbed the money box with £61 cash and ran off down the road.
    • They are then believed to have snatched £5,000 of items from the other home, including laptops, a digital camera, a camcorder and cash from children's money boxes.
    • Men are more likely to save their change in a jar than women, money boxes being most popular with them.
    • She found her own secret money box, and grabbed some coins in a hurry.
    • The 10-year-old English Martyrs School pupil is donating the cash he has saved since Christmas in his safe money box to the Supporters' Trust.
    • The steel money box beside the bookstall was ripped out of the floor and removed.
    • A circa - 1600s wooden money box from France serves as an end table.
    • Its selection of free gifts includes a personal organiser, money box, a regular magazine and discounts on CDs and computer games.
    • Her persistence led to a conviction and the recovery of a lava lamp and money box among the stolen goods.
    • These boxes look flimsy and remind me of the old metal money boxes for children which the most adept could easily relieve of the collected treasure.
    • The opportunity was ripe - seeing no register, I assumed there would be a money box of some sort, but a quick search about the room turned up nothing.
    • The boy also grabbed a money box containing £100.
    • The thieves tried to steal a money box with $160 inside.
    • British banks have given away CD tokens, student rail cards and money boxes in an effort to woo new customers.
    • He said he took the video recorder and money box next-door to a friend and then went to bed.