Translation of Mongolian in Spanish:


mongol, adj.

Pronunciation: /mɑŋˈɡoʊliən//mɒŋˈɡəʊlɪən/


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    • But the existence of the Mongolian language still kept me aware of the uniqueness of this nationality.
    • Then the Soviet Union collapsed and its market for Mongolian goods disappeared.
    • The Kalmyks, as the republic's residents are known, were once Mongolian nomads who lived and practiced their faith on the Central Asian steppe.
    • Leeds Council chiefs are officially launching the event at the Town Hall today with an exhibition of Mongolian dancing and singing.
    • She, too, is Mongolian but she went to school in China.
    • We plan to use Mongolian language to shoot the movie.
    • There is a marvellous scene in which Mongolian musicians play and sing to the mother camel in an attempt to improve her mood, leading to an uplifting ending.
    • Cultural centers and libraries promote the Mongolian language and cultural productions in cities, towns, and even in the pastoral areas.
    • They have a network of buyers who purchase directly from Mongolian farmers and secure the cream of the crop.
    • As if perfectly orchestrated, the moon rose between two distant hills, framing the silhouettes of three Mongolian horsemen galloping across the steppes to ignite the huge bonfire.
    • The stubbornly nomadic ones among them went back to their former, Mongolian lifestyle, where they could continue to roam at will.
    • These mobile homes have been used for thousands of years by nomadic Mongolian tribesmen on the steppes of Asia.
    • Our reviewer reports on the latest film by the Mongolian film student studying in Munich whose last film was nominated for an Oscar in 2003.
    • It's so fascinating, going through the development of Turkic peoples, their languages, and culture, from the Mongolian steppe through central Asia and as far as Bulgaria.
    • Yet Mongolian journalists ignored organized crime, corruption, bribery and abuse of power during this market economy transition.
    • A Manchester businessman is hoping to cross 625 miles of harsh Mongolian desert using wind power alone.
    • Welcoming visitors to the Chin-Mong food festival that commenced on Wednesday, he explains how he managed to perfect the Mongolian recipes over the past several years of his experience.
    • In the local Mongolian language, Lugu means falling into the water.
    • Our Mongolian throat singer - who splits his voice into two pitches simultaneously - is generating so much interest that we decide to move his gig to a bigger venue.
    • I've told them I'll get my own back later because I'm an expert on the role of the nasal flute in Mongolian music.


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    (masculine and feminine) mongol