Translation of monitor in Spanish:


monitor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑnədər//ˈmɒnɪtə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(screen)

      monitor masculine
      • If they use a flat-screen monitor, they can raise or lower the apparatus that holds it.
      • All over the room, men sat stationed at their monitors, reporting the status of the enemy compounds to their officers.
      • The semiconductor devices can be used in things such as TV screens, computer monitors, medical imaging and digital cameras.
      • Computer monitors generally have a refresh rate of at least 60 Hz, meaning the screen is refreshed at least 60 times a second.
      • Intraoperative magnetic resonance images are displayed on monitors within the gap.
      • The radar operator was watching carefully as the blip on his monitor representing the Renegade crawled into the system.
      • If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel you can change the size of fonts and images displayed on your monitor screen with a single click.
      • The big monitor in the center was all black, except for some green text splashed across the screen.
      • A 17-inch flat screen monitor that displays distortion-free images with a high degree of clarity makes the home theatre system complete.
      • Alone at his desk, the detective glances up at the black login screen displayed on the computer monitor.
      • You are staring at the your monitor waiting for the image to download.
      • After the video is scaled it is changed into a digital format recognized by the video card and then it is displayed on your monitor.
      • I once called the computer store where I bought my computer because my monitor was not working.
      • The commander looked at the monitor showing vital information about the pilots, cargo and condition of the tubes.
      • Flat-panel screens found their biggest niche in laptops, but now they're replacing desktop monitors and even television sets.
      • He had just purchased a new computer with a touch screen monitor, and he needed help installing the software.
      • Is the cable from the monitor connected to the computer's video card connector?
      • Within seconds, vital operational data can be displayed on the large wall display screens or individual computer monitors.
      • The robust demand is expected to continue into this year on rising shipments of laptop computers, LCD monitors and LCD TVs, Hsieh said.
      • The race is on at home and in the office to replace large and heavy boat anchor PCs and their monitors with notebook computers.

    • 1.2(for measuring)

      monitor masculine
      • The company's product line includes sleep-apnea monitors, electrocardiograph devices, and electronic stethoscopes.
      • Put him on an electronic monitor and let him stay back at his house where he's been for the last year.
      • The ion and electron monitors were turned on several months ago in preparation for their role during solar wind collection.
      • Of all the monitors used in the operating room, pulse oximetry has been shown to have the highest yield in the early detection of life-threatening events.
      • The same units are used for electronic blood pressure monitors.
      • A heart monitor clicked like a clock next to the bed.
      • The refrigerator should be equipped with an electronic monitor and an alarm to alert staff members when temperatures are outside acceptable limits.
      • Eventually I began to wonder if the baby monitor was picking up the newborn from across the street.
      • During the procedure, monitors constantly check your heart, blood pressure and oxygen use.
      • I remember reading about a study where researchers hooked heart monitors up to various NASCAR drivers while they took practice laps around the track.
      • He looked up to where the doctor was checking over the heart monitor.
      • As part of his parole, the electronic monitor around his ankle keeps track of his comings and goings.
      • These monitors contain built-in blood-sampling devices that take your blood from areas other than your finger, such as your arm, abdomen or thigh.
      • Electronic body-fat monitors are widely available and rapidly dropping in price.
      • The figure you arrive at is your target training heart rate, which you can observe on the monitor while exercising.
      • Pace also hinted that it was contemplating diversification into healthcare products such as heart or insulin monitors and security products for homes and businesses.
      • Alternatively, you can have a monitor fitted that records your heart rhythm over a 24-hour period.
      • These shortcomings underscore the appeal of so-called continuous glucose monitors, which check blood sugar levels scores of times a day.
      • The patient may be placed on a cardiac monitor to observe the heart rate and rhythm at all times.
      • A cheaper and even better solution is to install a depth monitor inside the operator cab.

  • 2

    escucha feminine
    • Intelligence monitors are picking up less terror threat talk than a year ago, the Homeland Security Secretary said Thursday.
  • 3

    encargado masculine
    encargada feminine
    monitor masculine Southern Cone
    monitora feminine Southern Cone
    • The hall monitors stopped me, but when I told them of my destination, they let me go.
    • After she'd debriefed him, she had gone to Noelle's classroom, dodging the hall monitors on the way.
    • The hall monitors were out, leaning against the wall and making sure that the students stayed in the areas outside of the ongoing classes.
    • Classroom monitors hand out the pastels and Manila paper for the warm-up exercises.
    • By the time Sam entered the front door through a pair of metal detectors, he half-expected to find the student hall monitors equipped with machine guns.
    • I sighed in relief, grateful I hadn't run into one of the stricter hall monitors.
    • The approach taken by some schools to introduce pupils as monitors had proved effective at tackling vandalism on buses.
    • She shook her head and leaned against him as they walked out of the school, totally unnoticed by teachers and hall monitors.
    • This must have been nearly as shocking as that dark day lost in history when she was demoted from her position as milk monitor at primary school.
    • The school has two full-time dedicated student monitors who, according to the school, ‘supervise all activities of the students’.
    • Yard monitors and lunch time supervisors can be trained to watch for signs of bullying.
    • Rebecca remembers that the teacher would always assign a student that would be a monitor during lunch.
    • I'm sorry, but it's my duty as hall monitor to catch those who are skipping and report them.
    • I pulled her quick into the restroom, before a hall monitor could come and give us demerits.
    • There are no teachers or hall monitors walking around, thankfully.
    • Since the first grade he has been always an excellent pupil and the class monitor.
    • She knew she was supposed to be in homeroom, but she didn't see any hall monitors ready to give her detention.
    • The monitor in the hall tried to stop us and ask for a hall pass, but we both ran past her and out to my car.
    • He began meandering down the halls, as was his duty as a monitor, trying to forget about the event that had just transpired.
    • I have to get going - they're about to send out the campus monitors to enforce lights out.
  • 4also monitor lizard

    varano masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (elections) observar
    (process/progress) seguir
    (progress/process) controlar
    (esp electronically) monitorizar
    (esp electronically) monitorear
    the project will be closely monitored se seguirá muy de cerca el desarrollo del proyecto
    • Anania says integration was important in metro area networking because transmissions need to be monitored at each node.
    • The sound team sit in the same truck as the director, monitoring the presenter's and guest's sound levels
    • To specifically monitor the fluorescence signal, we placed a bandpass filter centered at 580 nm in front of the optical detector.
    • The negative peak was observed only if the PA signal had been monitored at low, and not high, frequencies.
    • Sennheiser HD600 headphones were used to monitor the DV40 while on location.
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    (broadcast/radio station) escuchar
    • Telephonic communications of the German Army had been monitored and reported to the Allies by the French Resistance.
    • The report, monitored by the wire service, could not immediately be confirmed.
    • There were no further details in the KCNA report, monitored in Beijing.
    • He was monitoring the mob's wiretapped conversations through contacts he had in government.
    • Each wiretap request must specify a particular telephone number or location to be monitored.
    • In March 1944, he became a liaison to the Australian Government to monitor and evaluate Japanese broadcasts.
    • During this time, my home telephone was being monitored.
    • The threat of a reprisal strike was broadcast by the country's state-run radio, and monitored in Beijing.
    • Their conversations were recorded and in many cases monitored in real time.
    • What you're about to here is a conversation that my government monitored.
    • Corporate spies could also use an inexpensive scanner radio to monitor the conversation.
    • Then, suddenly remembering that their conversation was being monitored, he turned a bit red.
    • The Europol document says the use of telephones - land lines and mobiles - will be monitored.
    • The act also stipulates that it must not be possible for a person to detect that his or her conversation is being monitored by the respective government agency.
    • One of the recon teams had a radio intercept operator monitoring enemy transmissions as the battle went on.
    • Their communications - via telephone, email, fax - are monitored and disrupted.
    • The report from Pyongyang was monitored in Tokyo by Kyodo News.
    • Word on the street has it that email, internet access, and telephone calls are being monitored closely.
    • Telephone conversations would be monitored during the gag period, it said.
    • Some employers will monitor telephone conversations.