Translation of monochrome in Spanish:


pintura monocromática, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈmɒnəkrəʊm//ˈmɑnəˌkroʊm//mɒnə(ʊ)ˈkrəʊm/


  • 1

    (painting) pintura monocromática feminine
    (photograph) fotografía en blanco y negro feminine
  • 2

    painted in monochrome pintado en diferentes tonalidades de un mismo color
    • photographed in monochrome fotografiado en blanco y negro


  • 1

    (picture) monocromático
    (picture) monocromo
    (television/photograph) en blanco y negro
    • His earlier enlargements of these miniature monochromes have given way to increasingly complex compositions.
    • In subsequent works, he geometrically structured the stippled monochromes to toy with color contrasts.
    • In July 3, the rocky coastline they both share is a near monochrome of pale blues that darken in the rocks and billowing clouds as though illuminated by moonlight.
    • Pioneering monochromes by Malevich, Rodchenko, Reinhardt, Klein and Ryman employ just one color, unlike many later examples that feature a dominant but not single hue.
    • These monochromes were seductive, their surfaces smooth and shimmering.
    • He draws the projected image, turns the lights back on and slowly brings the painting up from a monochrome to a colored underpainting.
    • It's in the middle of the far wall, to the left of the monochromes.
    • Of the fours works that Stenclova presented in New York, the most striking was Green Cycle, a grouping of four monochromes.
    • Some eighteenth-century Chinese ceramics with monochrome glazes and iridescent surfaces influenced his glazes, which were primarily iridescent monochromes punctuated with crystals.
    • At first glance, they resemble a suite of Minimalist monochromes.
    • On the other hand, the deep, rich Clear Blue #1 seems at first a pure monochrome; on closer view, varnishlike swirls of wax can be seen as they catch light from certain vantage points.
    • However, Kuwayama's interest in perfect geometric form was already manifest in the monochromes he painted following his 1958 arrival in New York City.
    • A splendid white monochrome, Number 94, consists mainly of the paper-cast shells of objects.
    • The new works may be her most reserved and elegant since the monochromes (such as charcoal on vellum) that she made in the late '80s.
    • The installation established a quiet pulsation, the result of the two sizes in which Rudolf de Crignis paints his monochromes - either 60 inches square or 30 inches square.
    • I think he must have seen Rothko's last great monochromes in 1969, just before his suicide.
    • When looked at from the sides it seemed to be a near monochrome, but it also evoked vast expanses of lava seen from afar.
    • Rose's exemplary essay on the history and meaning of the monochrome in the superbly designed catalogue is both factually enlightening and philosophically thought-provoking.
    • This piece also reflects the fact that colors and surfaces change over time, so that monochromes frequently evolve into polychromes, or lose their original texture, hue or intensity.
    • All the images are mechanically produced by a sub-photographic process that can yield monochromes in brown, blue or red.