Translation of mononucleosis in Spanish:


mononucleosis (infecciosa), n.

Pronunciation /ˌmɑnoʊˌn(j)ukliˈoʊsəs//ˌmɒnə(ʊ)njuːklɪˈəʊsɪs/


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    mononucleosis (infecciosa) feminine
    • Common benign causes include adenoviral illness in children, mononucleosis, and some pharmaceuticals, and these can usually be identified with a careful history and examination.
    • The pharyngitis and flu-like symptoms are difficult to distinguish from mononucleosis in older patients.
    • As a sophomore, a bout with mononucleosis and an injury limited his play to 29 games, in which he scored just three goals.
    • The flu gave way to mononucleosis and finally chronic fatigue syndrome, which sidelined him for several months.
    • These white blood cells help fight viral infections, and an increased number of ‘atypical’ lymphocytes usually indicates current infection with mononucleosis.