Translation of monoxide in Spanish:


monóxido, n.

Pronunciation /məˈnɒksʌɪd//məˈnɑkˌsaɪd/


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    monóxido masculine
    • This atomic chlorine reacts readily with ozone to produce chlorine monoxide and molecular oxygen.
    • Earlier in 2004 Californian city councillors ended up with red faces after taking steps to protect people from the potentially deadly chemical dihydrogen monoxide.
    • Any furnace producing that amount may have one or more operating conditions causing such a high level of carbon monoxides.
    • He continued to work productively, analysing the chemistry of chlorine bleaches and preparing hypochlorous acid and chlorine monoxide for the first time.
    • The deleterious consumption of monoxides and dioxides has also weakened my mental acuity, sensitivity and enthusiasm.