Translation of monstrous in Spanish:


gigantesco, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑnstrəs//ˈmɒnstrəs/


  • 1

    • They are organisms that, though gigantic, exist not to be frightening; though monstrous, we should not avoid them.
    • Nobody wants to come home to an ugly building, or worse, live opposite a monstrous, modern carbuncle and it seems builders and developers are at long last beginning to realise this.
    • I immediately stopped my car and, smiling wickedly, pulled out the monstrous bag.
    • I stood there in the middle of the hall watching a huge - enormous - monstrous suitcase.
    • With his ear against the moist earth, Jason heard a monstrous rumble and the ground shook hundreds of times more violently than it would have in an earthquake.
    • In the direction that Maria heard the sound of wind, she could see what appeared to be a monstrous pile of blankets.
    • At 12.59 am, a massive deep sea quake struck just off the coast of Indonesia, sparking a tidal wave of monstrous proportions.
    • The protagonists are not overwhelmed by the monstrous power of Nature but by their own little flaws and fears which come to the surface when the mission suffers an inevitable setback.
    • Charlie's dad is an immense, monstrous presence at the centre of the film.
    • She looked at one of the frogs, a big homely one with a gigantic mouth and monstrous warts.
    • A beautiful dive at 20m, I saw huge coral formations and monstrous sea fans.
    • For many of the passengers, the trail of devastation left behind by the monstrous tidal waves, is still fresh in their memory.
    • The stranger was so monstrous in size that he was extremely terrified and stunned.
  • 2

    • There was something incredibly monstrous about the inhuman way it could not be stopped.
    • They say that he has treated his own people with such monstrous disregard for human life that we cannot assume he will be deterred by a threat to destroy his nation in time of war.
    • These bogus safety issues and courses are a monstrous waste of money.
    • Besides these monstrous and horrifying thoughts, the uncontrolled practice of cloning also threatens the dignity of humankind.
    • It is the horribly ordinary condition of militarised men made monstrous by war.
    • To those involved in any way with this monstrous evil, I say to you that this is your first and only chance.
    • We are overall reminded of how brutal, vile and monstrous the Nazi regime truly was and why we had to completely destroy them in order to prevent any chance of their coming back.
    • How could such a cruel, monstrous decision exist on the earth?
    • One's first reaction, apart from deep grief, is outrage that such a monstrous attack against innocent civilians, against children is possible.
    • The destruction of someone's home is a huge and monstrous punishment - was their ‘crime’ really that bad?
    • But I'm still troubled by the fact that they could even consider doing something so monstrous.
    • They deem insignificant sins that the church considered monstrous only a few generations ago.
    • I think virtually everyone in the contemporary world would find such a project morally monstrous.
    • It was denounced by one outraged commentator as ‘a monstrous departure from the dignity and propriety of journalism’.
    • The 1994 genocide in Rwanda is a monstrous atrocity hanging over the conscience of the world.
    • But what of a wicked lord who hides his monstrous desire for rule and seduces a nation - as well as its queen - into electing him to the highest office in the land?
    • It is monstrous because it is morally bankrupt to threaten nuclear holocaust against millions of innocent persons and against the center of a world religion.
    • But that rage alone is not enough to drive people to monstrous acts of violence.
    • Any country that would even seriously consider such a monstrous act certainly isn't going to be shown mercy when war is brought to its civilian population.