Translation of monument in Spanish:


monumento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑnjəmənt//ˈmɒnjʊm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    monumento masculine
    monument to sb/sth monumento a algn/algo
    • We certainly ought to have the most impressive, beautiful monument to mark the tragedy, but I think you have space for both, the buildings and the monument.
    • And plans are now in place to erect a monument to celebrate their achievements.
    • The nearby beach where the toddler loved to play has also been renamed after him and locals want to erect a marble monument to the youngster.
    • The second type of tomb was erected as a monument to honour the dead and to preserve their memory.
    • The passengers erected a monument to honour him.
    • They begin with the proposal to erect a monument to a famous figure.
    • Once there a top New York sculptor will work the stone into a fitting monument to be given pride of place within the new gardens.
    • Battle of Britain survivors yesterday launched a project to raise funds for a monument to commemorate their historic actions.
    • A large monument was erected on the battlefields to commemorate their bravery and their strength to serve to their fullest.
    • In 1889 a monument to him was erected at the location of his execution.
    • A dream of erecting a monument to the Battle of Britain is now one step closer after fundraisers hit the halfway mark £600,000.
    • Long after the artist's death, the King opposed the Royal Academy's proposal of 1805 to erect a monument to Reynolds at St Paul's.
    • He said the memorial would be a monument to Corrie's courage and sacrifice for peace and justice in Palestine.
    • After the war, a new village was built nearby and the tragedy was commemorated by a monument and a memorial rose garden.
    • The winner of a design for a monument to commemorate the signing of the Freedom Charter in Kliptown is to be announced today in the township.
    • The monument was erected on September 12 1993 and is a memorial to the talented performer who lived and worked in the area.
    • It is a scandal that there is no official monument to commemorate the contribution of women in the Second World War.
    • When we erect monuments and memorials as a public tribute to specific events, they begin to reshape our memories.
    • After his death, the Athenians honored his memory with a statue, and a monument to him was erected in his own country.
    • The media could publicise the event and help provide additional funding for a worthwhile monument to enhance York's beauty.