Translation of moo in Spanish:


mu, interj.

Pronunciation /mu//muː/


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nounPlural moos

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    mugido masculine
    • Half of the cows were missing from the field, and you could occasionally hear a moo from a random direction.
    • Costing £9.99, the cow moos and shakes uncontrollably when switched on.
    • All the other campers were gone to either river raft or kayak, and the campground was totally quiet, all you could hear were the crickets and an occasional moo from a cow.
    • When I reached the gate, I heard happy moos and clucks from the cows and chickens.
    • Milking takes a few minutes, the suckers are taken off, and the next row of cows files in with hardly a moo to be heard.
    • He smiled, puckered his lips and let out a deep moo.
    • All I could hear, for half a mile, was the sound of our feet crunching on the gravel, and the gentle moos coming from the cows in the fields.
    • Rows and rows of cows and heifers, their moos resounding within the school walls, were tethered to makeshift stalls.
  • 2British slang

    the silly moo la muy idiota / tonta

intransitive verbmooing, moos, mooed

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