Translation of mood swing in Spanish:

mood swing


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    cambio de estado de ánimo masculine
    • She must have sensed his sudden mood swing because she gave him a little punch in the arm and a brilliant smile that sent a rush of warmth through him.
    • He looked taken back from my mood swing.
    • Well she didn't sound too angry, but you never know she could have a severe mood swing; maybe she had just gone insane?
    • The sudden mood swing startled her, and Deanna quickly went back to her meal.
    • However parents should be alert to the difference between a mood swing and major depression.
    • Knowing him for this long, I had gained the ability to pick out the reasons for any strange mood swing he went through.
    • ‘My master had a mood swing and said he wanted me out,’ she explained.
    • I'd also taken a hardy amount of painkiller, and dulling the pain in my ankle factored into my mood swing as well.
    • And the poll is showing really quite a mood swing among the people of California, at least compared to some other poll.
    • ‘Sorry, sorry,’ I mumbled, taken aback by her sudden mood swing.
    • Though she knew she ought to consult the counsellor about this type of mood swing, she told herself she would do it after lunch.
    • Both seemed surprised at my sudden mood swing and the question that seemingly came out of nowhere.
    • In one of her rapid mood swing she forgot that James was there and stormed out of the hallway, passing by Yasir on her way out.
    • ‘Tell me,’ he said - and although his tone was more placid, she was still afraid he would get another mood swing.
    • Jenni didn't want another violent mood swing from Chris, so she didn't say anything, and felt vaguely guilty about it.
    • The mood swing sent Henri odd feelings, but he nodded.
    • She shot back, a mood swing suddenly in course, ‘I'm not a little girl anymore and I know what to do and what not to do!’
    • The mood swing can be swift, unexpected, and dangerous.
    • Suddenly, a huge mood swing took over and I felt blissfully happy.
    • It was either disappointment at his sudden mood swing, or the fact that I had not eaten anything since breakfast.