Translation of moola in Spanish:


guita, n.


Pronunciation /ˈmulɑ//ˈmuːlə/



  • 1

    guita feminine slang
    lana feminine Latin America informal
    plata feminine South America informal
    pasta feminine Spain informal
    • So, they will have lucky dips and grand prizes - stuff which pleases the customer and makes them spend that moolah.
    • By shopping around, you could halve your premiums, which could save you, say, £30 a month over 25 years, which is a lot of moolah!
    • And if there is so much moolah in the campaigns, why not participate and feel happy.
    • People who have got used to that sort of moolah rolling in, without having to lift a finger for it, are reluctant to give it up.
    • Most people do some kind of work when they're growing up for extra moolah.
    • Figure out how much moolah you need for practical stuff, like school supplies.
    • Allowance or no allowance, wouldn't you love to have more moolah to pad your pockets?
    • I now owe frightening sums of moolah, but should be able to clear my credit cards, thereby reducing my monthly repayment costs considerably.
    • And I have to choose between them because I won't have enough moolah by this point to see them both.
    • You may think that when it comes to buying an outfit for a Christmas night on the town, £60 is not a massive amount of moolah.
    • Players are ranked at the end of each level, and a podium position requires the best battle record and the biggest pile of moolah.
    • Such changes will make moolah for multinationals but will it make men happier?
    • I DO want more moolah, but I'm not sure I deserve it.
    • And I'm hoping these contracts start to bring in the extra moolah which I'll need to fulfil my travelling desires later this year.
    • The exercise, which started in March, has elicited a positive response, raking in good moolah for the government coffers.
    • I simply must find a way to bring more moolah in so I can get my own apartment.
    • Mira Syal, the woman who wrote the script has made a career and lots of moolah out of doing that.
    • Known for always keeping his pockets and wallets open for friends in ‘need’ of some moolah, it is testing time once again for Bollywood's best-dressed man.
    • Many of them, in fact, are in demand to perform at concerts here and abroad and earn good moolah from each show.
    • As a family, we had lots of time to sit and chat and laugh without having to worry about how much moolah we were going to have to spend to pay the telephone bill between Canada and Jamaica.