Translation of moonlit in Spanish:


iluminado por la luna, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmunˌlɪt//ˈmuːnlɪt/


  • 1

    (face/garden) iluminado por la luna
    a moonlit night una noche de luna
    • She walks to a moonlit field where a small lake glistens beneath the quarter moon.
    • He sat by the water, staring at his reflecting in the moonlit dappled water.
    • Top models sipped champagne and danced on a moonlit terrace overlooking the sea.
    • Before, we used to sleep on the beach on moonlit nights.
    • Those of you who work for themselves have spent many moonlit hours calculating your precise incomes and expenditures.
    • James stopped and stood looking out toward the ocean with its moonlit waves crashing against the shore.
    • It was a dark clear moonlit sky.
    • Caitlin slowly turned away from his gaze and looked out at the gently breaking waves on the moonlit beach below.
    • Back at my cottage, sweeping the path, my mind raced furiously over the sight of the aged lady in that moonlit room.
    • The sun setting in the far north west went down in a blaze of red and blended so gently into a moonlit night that it seemed as if it hadn't set at all.
    • He set off at a slow walk, through the empty moonlit streets, an eerie quietness surrounding them.
    • It begins one snowy, moonlit Christmas Eve somewhere in America.
    • Lie on a white sand beach soaking up the sun during the day and go for long moonlit walks along the oceans edge at night.
    • I stood on the crest of a hill half a kilometer from the moonlit water, with the city lights in the distance.
    • Dinner here, followed by a moonlit walk back to your bungalow with the surf breaking below your feet is not quickly forgotten.
    • It was a beautiful moonlit night, and before we went home we walked down to the Ham Bridge across the river.
    • The lovestruck pair recited poetry to each other in moonlit Persian gardens.
    • The moonlit walks will run, weather permitting, every Saturday until October.
    • The other three trucks followed him out of the wood and up the highway, heading north on the moonlit highway.
    • They began to walk through the moonlit night and stayed completely silent.