Translation of moot in Spanish:


discutible, adj.

Pronunciation: /mut//muːt/


  • 1

    that remains a moot point eso sigue siendo discutible

transitive verb

  • 1

    (proposal/idea) someter a discusión
    (idea/proposal) plantear
    it has been mooted that … se ha propuesto / sugerido que …
    • Which of the two camps was having a better time may be a moot point, but there can be no dispute as to which was living most successfully in the here and now.
    • How great a comedian he was remains a moot point, inevitably subjective, and increasingly difficult to separate from the mythology.
    • Founded six years ago and comprising nine core sports, it is essentially a support service to 244 elite athletes, though whether Scotland can really claim to have that many elite athletes is a moot point.
    • While conservation of ecology and bio-diversity have been a moot point on television and newspapers, Kartik feels that ecological studies are yet to get their due in the country.
    • The motion explained that the company and the union had already reached an agreement on the retiree health benefit issue that made the previous dispute a moot point.
    • But whether the industry can absorb all the qualified architects is a moot point.
    • But, how well they are maintained or how far heritage preservation efforts are encouraged is a moot point.
    • To what extent we are acculturated to human sound even before birth, given that the inner ear is formed so early in gestation, is a moot point.
    • It is a moot point that all serious coaches follow a particular style of play that becomes their signature or hallmark.
    • Whether such a system can remain in place in the increasingly competitive world of global car making remains a moot point.
    • As a poet, he is now unfashionable, so it is a moot question whether a play based on him can be of any current interest.
    • How much the appeal of this movie derives from its subject and how much from Spacey is a moot point, I suppose.
    • I recognize, however, that the relationship between the content of this literature and actual management accounting practice remains moot.
    • Thus, it is a moot question whether a child who learns all about traffic rules and signs through textbooks and in such parks, will abide by them, or instead imitate their elders.
    • How neurological the problem is, or how politically expedient, is a moot point.
    • Whether this defence will be accepted by the political sources who are the lifeblood of any newspaper is, for the time being, a moot point.
    • Whether or not the broadcaster's blindness has made his hearing more acute is a moot point, but what can't be denied is that his ability to describe his remaining senses is second to none.
    • Whether or not that support will be forthcoming in the numbers expected is a moot point following revelations about the parlous state of Britain's armed forces.
    • Still, it's a moot point and one that lawyers will enjoy debating if they're given the chance.
    • Whether he is too softly spoken for the top job remains a moot point, but no-one can question his dedication because he spends six days of the week at Irish's training ground.


  • 1

    asamblea feminine
  • 2

    (of law students)
    simulacro de juicio masculine