Translation of moot court in Spanish:

moot court

tribunal simulado, n.



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    tribunal simulado masculine
    • The society had started the moot court to train law students to put their legal knowledge to practical use, Mr. Nair says.
    • I am in San Jose today for a moot court at Santa Clara Law School to prepare for the argument.
    • Harvard, which has an endowment for the teaching and study of animal rights law, hosted its second annual animal law moot court competition in February.
    • I learned a tremendous amount from moot courts at Georgetown, Oklahoma City University, and Harvard Law School.
    • He ran three moot courts for each case, and spent countless hours fine-tuning his arguments.
    • He also instituted the School's first moot court program, providing for further practical experience for future litigators.
    • This work embodies the proceedings of a moot court that reviewed the case of Samuel A. Mudd, one of those convicted of participating in the Lincoln Assassination.
    • But they said he did provide invaluable strategic guidance working pro bono to formulate legal theories and coach them in moot court sessions.
    • I heard somewhere that he did a sort of moot court to practice for those hearings for many, many hours.
    • Although moot courts are viewed without much seriousness these days, it is proven beyond doubt that the programme would never fail in accomplishing its goal: facilitate and promote academic excellence.