Translation of moral in Spanish:


moral, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɒr(ə)l//ˈmɔrəl/


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    (related to morality)
    (duty/values) moral
    the decline in moral standards la decadencia moral
    • I have tremendous respect for the daring, moral courage, and intellectual honesty of this book.
    • It takes just one piece of the jigsaw and turns it into a compelling, documentary-style drama that dispenses with moral judgments in an attempt to arrive at some uncomfortable truths.
    • But this tolerance has led to a state of belief where American college students are unwilling to make a moral judgment about their value systems and culture.
    • Today's soldiers trust each other, they trust their leaders, they trust the Army, and they also understand the moral dimensions of war.
    • In the first place, it will not convince those who believe in a rational ethics, who believe that there is a scientific basis for moral judgments and that they are not pure whim.
    • In this respect moral judgments are like judgments of beauty or intelligence.
    • Throughout his life, he was an example of moral courage and determination and a source of inspiration to millions.
    • Mandela spent 27 years in prison and his moral courage was respected worldwide.
    • Wrong not only for moral reasons, but wrong because it wasn't something I wanted to end up with for the rest of my life.
    • Ms. Colombo said opponents of implants were ‘making a moral judgment, not a medical one.’
    • He claimed repeatedly that his function was not to make moral judgments but to record behaviour.
    • The cardinal virtues enable leaders to habitually incorporate moral principles in their behaviour.
    • But I suspect moral argument is the wrong approach to issues of war and peace and politics generally, not least because so many millions of deaths are just deaths.
    • Not only does he have a righteous motive, but he also has moral courage.
    • I'm not going to make moral judgments about all this.
    • What's wrong with making moral choices when we shop, buying only those goods raised in a respectable, sustainable way?
    • It is also clear that moral principles and political judgments are inextricably intertwined.
    • We do not live in an ideal world, and to make moral judgments about the behaviour of others is demeaning.
    • We can then make objective judgments about moral progress and decline, with respect to that good.
    • Finally, you say that ‘on most issues, there is no clear right or wrong, particularly where moral issues are concerned’.
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    (morally good)
    (book/person/film) moral
    • An election of a high standard should start with the moral character and conduct of the candidate.
    • Probably, the sense of moral superiority and entrenched bureaucratic power is similar at both locations.
    • So what we ask is a peaceful message to, you know, to let people have their right to have healthy bodies and to cultivate their good moral characters.
    • This is no romantic and idealistic battle for higher principles, fought by a moral and ethical aristocratic elite according to chivalric rules.
    • It's about getting ideas out to the readers, not about the moral character of the writer (or at least it should be about it).
    • The root cause of crime is a lack of moral character.
    • His pristine moral character exemplifies the power of human resolve, perseverance, and faith.
    • What is the proper role for the military in this new political and moral relationship?
    • These debates are driven by contrasting moral visions of the proper authority of teachers and the proper docility of students.
    • We don't just leave our ethical and moral selves at the door when we go to work.
    • Living an ethical, moral life should be one of the biggest priorities we have.
    • The sense of moral superiority afforded by this point of view was perhaps in lieu of economic, educational, and social opportunities.
    • Thus, the formation of moral character in nursing forms the foundation for practice.
    • And I agree: it's about a moral character in an immoral world.
    • Ms Lay said her husband is an ‘honest, decent, moral human begin who would do absolutely nothing wrong.’
    • The youths' values reflect a sense of moral self which is communal and is connected to others.
    • And I think by what your values are you're going to instill in the students some sense of moral values.
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    moraleja feminine
    • The moral of this story is never think that everything will be easy, and that you have to make mistakes and work for every crumb that comes your way.
    • The moral of this story is not that honesty works.
    • The moral of this story is: the camera never lies so don't leave home without one.
    • You should accept who you are, that is the moral of this tale.
    • As always the moral of this story is to use you credit card for any sizeable purchases as any problem with the goods or retailer become the card company's problem rather than yours.
    • So the moral of the story is, don't form an opinion until you've tried it for yourself.
    • Perhaps the moral of this story is that you can't win.
    • The moral of this story is corny but true: it is better to have loved deeply and have lost than not to have loved at all.
    • I can't find a moral in the story, or a worth-while lesson to be learned of it.
    • So here's the moral of this story, and it's intended for the hotel industry: Get back to basics already.
    • The moral of this story is to get it right the first time.
    • The moral of this story is always stick to what you do best.
    • So I guess the moral of this story is that you should never take things for granted.
    • The moral of this story: Do not assume that I'm friendly and approachable.
    • Then I'll tell you: The moral of this story is to know what you fight for.
    • And the moral of this story is, people who don't learn to take responsibility for their own actions often end up in prison.
    • The moral of this story for everyone involved is don't bite the hand that feeds you.
    • I guess the moral of this story is to question, always question.
  • 2morals plural

    moralidad feminine
    the morals of young people today la moralidad de la juventud hoy día
    • have you no morals? ¿no tienes ningún sentido moral?
    • who are you to criticize my morals? ¿quién eres tú para criticar mi manera de proceder / mi conducta?
    • Relevant dimensions of difference include morals, values, standards, beliefs, and attitudes.
    • Everyone has their morals regarding public nudity.
    • Generally, they do not care about morals and principles, as if such things had nothing to do with them.
    • There is such a thing as a modicum of decency and morals of public behaviour.
    • What had really aggravated me was that she had made assumptions about my morals and integrity and was judging me accordingly knowing very little about my situation.
    • My mum's problem is that her sense of right and wrong - her morals - is more important to her than her own safety.
    • Two common law offences need consideration, namely, conspiracy to corrupt public morals, and outraging public decency.
    • A lot of people teach morals and I believe that everybody has their own standard of morals.
    • I suppose my image has changed but I'd like to think I'm still the same Vivienne and that my principles and morals are the same.
    • I am satisfied that their ability to prosecute by way of laying information derives from it being a matter of public policy and one which concerns the public morals.
    • However, it is not too much to ask them to themselves act with strong morals and integrity, or else they may be prone to bribery or other forms of corruption.
    • They needed to learn integrity, character, morals, and faith by example.
    • Raids were also conducted on premises to look for any behavior which might affront public morals.
    • We create such morals based on the collective opinion that murder is wrong.
    • My mother and father did a great job in instilling the morals and principles in us from the very beginning.
    • Her take on opposing views seems a bit wrong, and her concept of morals seems largely centered around material things.
    • I guess it all depends on your own standards or morals really.
    • It totally overlooks right and wrong, morals, discipline, and manners.
    • The final decades of the seventeenth century had seen a distinct decline in public manners and morals.
    • I do have morals and standards but about things which really matter, such as the growing number of homeless people in our city centre or the rising number of drug related crimes.