Translation of moreover in Spanish:


además, adv.

Pronunciation /mɔrˈoʊvər//mɔːrˈəʊvə/



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    por otra parte
    the contract moreover stipulates that … el contrato estipula además / por otra parte que …
    • it appears, moreover, that he was related to her es más, parece ser que era pariente suyo
    • A person can dress provocatively and, moreover, this can be inappropriate.
    • It shows moreover that most ordinary people are not innately selfish and greedy.
    • These are aspects, moreover, that represent an extremely narrow range of information and opinion.
    • The usefulness of any feeding programme, moreover, is greatly diminished if it is not carefully targeted.
    • The university itself, moreover, is also unable to launch a serious defence of the proposed centre.
    • The client relationship, moreover, is about to get a whole lot deeper.
    • The original Georgian furniture, moreover, was largely sold off in 1879 in a legal dispute.
    • She will, moreover, have invested a vast amount of time and energy in creating her novel.
    • These individuals are, moreover, well aware that accidents are bad for business.
    • Scripts, moreover, are not the only way that information can be stored.
    • Much of the DNA that we possess, moreover, seems to perform no useful function at all.
    • Trade in weapons, moreover, not only overrides any kind of law on whom to trade with, but also on what to sell.
    • In spite of the logistical difficulties, moreover, we are doing some good.
    • The problem, moreover, with value added is that the calculations can be made to hide a multitude of sins.
    • I don't sleep very well at the moment, moreover, because there is a mouse in the upstairs flat.
    • The subject believes that death is inevitable and moreover believes implicitly in the efficacy of the sorcerer.
    • These differences are moreover confirmed by the archaeological record.
    • They can moreover ask any staff member questions relating to the subject matter and purpose of the inspection.
    • The population of the valleys was, moreover, distinct from that of the towns.
    • It is not the case of what kind of degree someone has or what school they went to, or moreover - who they know.