Translation of morrow in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈmɑroʊ//ˈmɔroʊ//ˈmɒrəʊ/



  • 1literary

    (next day)
    let us see what the morrow brings veamos qué nos depara el nuevo día
    • with no thought for the morrow sin pensar en el (día de) mañana
    • we shall depart on the morrow partiremos mañana
    • I believe Mrs. Ellen is informing her this very instant, she will be leaving on the morrow.
    • You try to live life to the fullest, savouring every moment, for you never know what the morrow may bring-or if there will be a morrow for you.
    • ‘We shall be leaving on the morrow - you are welcome to join us,’ she said to her daughter and son-in-law.
    • Go with your mother, or leave the village entirely, but do not remain here longer than the morrow.
    • Adam talks about God, the Forbidden tree, sleep, the difference between beast and man, his plans for the morrow, the stars and the angels.
    • Life was secure and the morrow could be greeted without terror.
    • She would probably not survive the morrow, in any event.
    • Correspondingly, perceptions on technicalities of education have varied from time to time, but what would never change would be the task borne by schools in moulding children into responsible citizens of morrow.
    • If not on the morrow, then the following day for certain.
    • Please send your daughter to my father's residence on the morrow to discuss the terms of the agreement, provided the proposal warrants your permission.
  • 2

    good morrow! ¡buenos días!