Translation of mortgagee in Spanish:


acreedor hipotecario, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmɔːɡɪˈdʒiː//ˌmɔrɡəˈdʒi/


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    acreedor hipotecario masculine
    acreedora hipotecaria feminine
    • The surplus was initially paid into court by the mortgagee pursuant to an interpleader order.
    • That is reading a lot into it, applying to the mortgagee for the mortgagee's consideration.
    • Those duties were imposed to ensure that a mortgagee is diligent in discharging his mortgage and returning the property to the mortgagor.
    • Would the same apply to a mortgagee if the mortgage contained a covenant restricting the use of the land?
    • Hong Kong banks can begin repossession proceedings if a mortgagee fails to make loan repayments for three consecutive months.
    • On the one hand there is the question of ensuring security against third parties, such as purchasers, creditors, mortgagees, and landlords who may seek to take possession of the property.
    • After the remedial work was finished, the buildings were sold by the mortgagee, Bank of Montreal.
    • The mortgage gives the mortgagee, of course, that equitable interest in the property as well.
    • If Mildred was unable to meet repayment obligations under a mortgage, the mortgagee would have the right to seek possession of the house and to sell it.
    • The assets are mortgaged in such a way that the mortgagor can deal with them without the concurrence of the mortgagee.
    • The mortgagor sought payment of the surplus from the mortgagee's solicitors who held the funds in trust.
    • Under a mortgage of old system land in Victoria, does the mortgagee have a right of possession?
    • Buckley LJ was even more emphatic, saying that the tenant's argument that the right to future rent which had been transferred was a chose in action was ‘wholly misconceived’ and that the mortgagees were not assignees of the rent.
    • The trial of this consolidated lien action dealt only with the issue of priority between the lien claimants and the mortgagee.
    • Usually, therefore, the second mortgagee persuades the first mortgagee to obtain repayment on the same occasion.
    • I do not believe I am here called upon to contribute to this interesting debate, because the Defendant is neither a mortgagee nor a receiver.
    • Under the mortgage, the mortgagee is entitled to recover her legal fees as between solicitor and client.
    • The equity is perhaps a matter of argument, but the position is it is mortgaged but the mortgagees will give up their priority to the charge.
    • He was not successful in doing so before part of the property was sold and the other section foreclosed by the mortgagee.
    • If there is no agreement between the mortgagees, one party may sell their share to a third party.